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Floatation Therapy

Standard 1 hour float (click here for more info)

2 Float "First Timer" special
This 2 float special is only available for first time float clients. Because you will experience it quite differently, and we recommend that you float at least twice within a 3 week period to really get a feel for floatation therapy
To get the most benefit, these 2 floats should preferably be used within 3 weeks
R 850


3 Float Contract R 1200



5 Float contract

R 1850  
10 Float contract



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Sound Journey Floatation (Click here for more info)
This wonderful therapy adds the scientifically proven benefits of sound throughout the float to transport you into an altered level of consciousness.


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Massages and body work

Full Body Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage 
An Aromatherapy massage is a reasonably gentle treatment. Slow and soothing, our aromatherapy massages are for those that want a deeply relaxing treatment but do not like a hard massage. 1hr
R 690  
Full Body Deep Tissue Rhythmic massage
Our deep tissue rhythmic massage works with a perfect combination of depth and gentleness to deliver the best of both -  pressure to relieve tension, in combination with gentle, nurturing strokes to allow for really deep relaxation.  Our therapists work with you to find your ideal pressure. 1hr

(For spasms or particular tension see sports massage)


R 690  
Pregnancy massage
This is a deeply nurturing treatment. When you can no longer lie on your stomach, the treatment is done while you lie comfortably on your side, against a roll of pillows. You can indulge in massages right up to the end of your pregnancy. NB make sure your therapist knows you are pregnant, as she must avoid certain oils and pressure points. 1hr
R 690  

1.5 hour massages - Deep tissue, Aromatherapy, Island Style
2 hour massages - Deep tissue, Aromatherapy, Island Style
Island Style massage
This very nurturing massage is based on the traditional island massage from Hawaii. It is a relatively gentle treatment, using swaying, rhythmical movements to cover the whole body in long delicious strokes. (Click here for more info)

R 690  
Sports Massage
Intensive massage loosens up tense muscles to support circulation in both the skin and the underlying muscle tissue. Uses deep massage and acupressure to alleviate muscle pain and muscle spasms and relax hard working muscles. 
(Click here for more info)


760 - 1 hr




Healing Modalities

This very complex, very powerful healing modality is extremely effective in correcting:
Pain: Neck pain, back pain, muscle pain, muscle spasms, injuries, long term or chronic pain reduction. Headaches. Sinusitis. Food allergies and sensitivities. Fatigue, chronic tiredness, low energy, ME. Skin problems. Emotional stress. Depression. Insomnia. Recurring infections. Relationship difficulties. Anxiety and phobias. Click here for much more 

R 1250



Counteracts stress build-up and mobilises the healing of various organs by stimulating specific reflex points on the hands and feet.
(Click here for more info)
R 690 - 1 hr   


Beginners luck
Make the most of your 2 float starter special, by adding a full body massage to each session (Valid for first time float clients only)
 2 Floats and 2 full body massages   -  valid for first time float clients only.
R 2100   Hot special !

Pamper Parties
Spend some time with your friends in the best style - Sparkling wine, Jacuzzi, massage etc
Click here for details

Couples packages

Awesome2some - Great as a couples treatment
For 2 people, each relaxes with a stress busting floatation treatment and then indulges in our divine full body massage
R 2100  Hot special !


Romantic Packages For Special Occasions

An Evening Out/In Fantastic, Romantic Experience!


An Evening Out  -
Seduce your partner with this fantastic evening out at a 4 star hotel. Stay over at this beautiful hotel, enjoy a wonderful massage to get you in the mood, a fantastic 3 course meal with wine, stay the night and finish off with breakfast.

Sounds wonderful? Click here for the details about this romantic getaway

    R 6149

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Love languages Spa Day Workshop

"The 5 love languages" by Gary Chapman provides a wonderful tool for loving relationships. This 5 love languages spa workshop is designed to use the love languages to create a very special day where you and your partner can relax and unwind in the care of the Cloud 9 team, and at the same time grow your relationship by learning about how to use your partners love languages.
3.5 to 4 hours

Inclusive of:
Love languages lessons
Love languages self test
Structured Love languages exploration sessions
Hydrotherapy treatments - Steam with body masque, private spa bath.
Hands on Therapies - Including: Full body massage, foot massage, head and face massage
Tea and muffins/cookies to start the day
Light lunch - roast chicken salad and desert

Curious? Click here for more information on this great package 


only R4015

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Gift Vouchers
A cloud 9 gift voucher makes for a wonderful loving gift.

All of our treatments are available in gift vouchers, which can be purchased either at Cloud 9 or via email. (Click here for more) 



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Please book in advance, we do not do walk in clients

We require over 24 hours notice for any cancellations or postponements of your booking. Your time slot is booked specifically for you, and cannot be refilled on short notice therefore bookings cancelled or postponed with less then 24 hour notice will be charged for in full.

Please make payment in advance via EFT for any booking over the value of R300 to secure your booking. For bank account details click here


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