Get a stress relieving massage without leaving your office.

The Cloud 9 massage team offers massages at the offices of our business clients. The massage targets the tense, stressed muscles in the back and neck, and works pressure points on the head and face.

We offer 2 kinds of massage: Either we bring in a plinth and do a full back massage with oil, or a neck and shoulder massage sitting down in a chair without oil. To date the oil massage has proven to be by far the most popular option it is a nicer massage then over the clothing. If you are able to put aside a room for us to work from that can be locked, people seem quite happy to take of their tops for this massage.

Normally we would do a 20 to 30 minute massage, which is long enough to relax but not so long that people start feeling dopey. We usually bring along some gentle music and burn some lemongrass or basil essence (lemongrass refreshes, while basil sharpens the mind and increases concentration). Of course we can do any amount of time as required from 5min sessions while at a desk to 1 hour sessions on a plinth. 
These massages are fantastic as a reward for your hardworking staff, as part of a function or promotion like a golf day or conference.

The cost:

R 410 per therapist per hour plus R 100 per therapist travel fee.

First prize would be if the company is willing to sponsor some or all of the cost, if not, we would collect payment from each staff member either in advance via internet, or at the time of the massages.

If your company is interested in offering this wonderful treat to their staff on an occasional or a regular basis, we would  will need the following:

A suitable date and time,
A meeting room to work out of, with low backed, armless chairs.
A contact person: who can send out the information to your staff via your intranet and serve as a liaison for us for booking times.
An idea of the size of your staff compliment (so that we can arrange for a suitable number of therapists)
And if the company is paying, and order number and the details of the person making payment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cloud 9 on 011  788-9934 or