The Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation Massage

A revolutionary non-surgical treatment using facial massage that slows down the aging process, irons out wrinkles, lifts and tones the skin and gives it a natural glow. It is an Ayurvedic massage, which incorporates the techniques of yoga, polarity therapy, acupressure and Swedish massage.

From a scientific point of view the skin works as follows:
The connective tissue under the dermis is critical in the way that the face shows aging. It is made up of the structural protein collagen and the elastic fibers called Elastin which increase the strength and flexibility of the skin.

Under a microscope these fibers look like a loose tangle of fibers. These Collagen and Elastin bundles run in specific directions in different parts of the body. Gradually over time, the strength and flexibility of these fibers deteriorates. Some of the fibers break apart while others develop cross links that bind them and lock them into place to form a shapeless matted tangle. This blocks the flow of fluid through the dermis, reducing its suppleness and preventing the fibers stretching and moving freely with the muscles in the face. Once the Elastin fibers have hardened and shrunk, the skin starts to sag.

Another cause of ageing is the stiffening of the gelatin like ground substance. The chains of protein molecules that make up this material get bound together, this reduces the skins suppleness.
In addition, the connective tissues of the dermis can glue the skin to the tissues surrounding the muscles and bones – this makes the face look drawn in, tight and pinched.  
While these age-related changes can’t be prevented indefinitely, there is much you can do to resist them. 

The facial rejuvenation massage is designed to free up the restrictions in the tissues that are the principal underlying cause of lines, wrinkles and sagging flesh

The feedback:
"I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes." The therapist massages first the one side of the face, then the other. "When she was done with the first half of my face, she showed me the results in the mirror – it blew me away! The lines around the side of my eye were almost completely gone! From just one half hour session. 2 days later, I can still see the difference."
Not only will you look and feel like you’ve had a natural facelift, but you will also feel a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

The Treatment:
Length of each treatment is between 1 and 1.5 hours, and can be done alone. However for the best results, we recommend an Initial program of 8 sessions (2 per week for 4 weeks) The first session is preceded by a consultation which is aimed at devising an individual facial care program and to show you what you can do for yourself to stay younger for longer.  Thereafter, regular monthly sessions will make the best of your skin into the future. You can also make use of  this massage as an adhoc pep-me-up to make the best of your face before a big occasion.

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