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How does the float session work

The tank:

The tank is about the size of a queen size bed. It has a lightweight, self supporting door, which is easily opened and closed from inside.

You let yourself in and out of the tank

The water creates a gravity free environment for your body.  

The water is absolutely hygienically clean and sterile.

The Float:

The entire experience is completely private and secure. After a thorough briefing, you are left on your own to prepare for the float, and let yourself into the tank. 

You let yourself into and out of the tank. You are in complete control of the entire float experience

Your body is completely supported by the water. 

You are eased into the float on a gentle cloud of music.

The last 5 min of music brings you gently back to awareness.

After Floating:

Disclaimer: Floatation is an experience unique to each individual, as such, the experience and results may vary from person to person.