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Between the heated bed, the cozy room, and our famous bean bag, our massages are so warm and luxurious, that you won’t want to leave. 

At Cloud 9 we are very particular about our massages, focusing on quality of touch and connection between the giver and the receiver. The practitioner brings a sense of presence to the session. Technical skill is critical, but "touch" is the x factor in a great massage. Perfect rhythm, pressure and pace are part of our commitment, these aspects allow you to relax into the treatment, so that we can work our magic. Having said that, everybody has different tastes when it comes to what you like in a treatment. If you are battling to choose the perfect massage for you, click here for guidance on how to choose.

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Aromatherapy massage
Full body relaxation treatment with aroma oils
uses soothing strokes, with relatively light to medium  pressure to leave you feeling deeply relaxed and nurtured. 
3/4 hour neck back (and feet optional)
Full body

Rhythmic deep tissue massage
Using aromatherapy oils, this massage uses fairly deep, rhythmic pressure, it works on aching and stiff muscles to increase blood flow and remove tension. A wonderful relaxing massage for stressed individuals.

Sports massage
Intensive massage loosens up tense muscle parts to support circulation in both the skin and the underlying muscle tissue. Alleviates muscle pain and supports recovery from sports injuries. The therapist uses cross friction, pressure points, and deep tissue techniques to generate heat, loosen spasms and tension knots. This massage either focuses on specific areas of pain, or is included in a general full body massage.

Medical lymph drainage
Excess fluids are drained from vessels by means of hand pressure and hand movements. systems. This is an excellent treatment for recovery from breast increases or reductions, and is a fabulous detox treatment. Treatment lasts 1  hour

Counteracts stress build-up and mobilizes the healing of various organs by stimulating specific reflex points on the hand and feet. Reflexology can be used to promote healing for specific conditions, in these cases be prepared for 6 to 10 treatments. It is also wonderful as a general stress buster, and can be used as such in single treatments as you desire. The treatment takes 1 hour.
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Facial rejuvenation massage
This massage works on rejuvenating the Elastin and Collagen in the connective tissue layer of the face. It tones and lifts the face, and is a very effective non surgical face lift. Start with 8 sessions for the initial rejuvenation, and then once a month for the ongoing program. (click here for more)

Reiki Massage
This very special massage combines the perfect rhythm and nurturing of a soothing aromatherapy massage, with the gentle healing energy work. Working so closely with the physical body as we do in a massage, means that the therapist is working within your personal energy field, and is therefore contributing to the energy flowing in and around your body. In this massage as well as the normal massage strokes, the therapist spends some time holding and focusing on that energy transfer, to contribute to  a good healthy flow of energy around your body. Good energy flow, like good blood flow, respiration and lymph flow, is critical for the body to remain health and to heal itself.
The Reiki massage is a wonderfully relaxing, soothing, healing massage.

Therapeutic Heat Massage

Let heat complete your massage experience. To work out the pain and discomfort of tense sore muscles, we start, and finish this ideal winter therapy, by leaving you to relax under the heat of our our custom made "hot beanies" and warm towels.

Hot Stone Massage
The hot silky smoothness of the lava rocks melts away your tension in this sensational massage. The hot stones are used by your therapist as a massage tool. Heated to around 45 degrees, the stones feel fantastic sliding up and down your skin, heating and soothing away tension as they go.

Cloud 9 is situated in Craighall Park in Johannesburg within around 10 min of Sandton, Hydepark, Parkhurst, Randburg, and City Centre

Island Style Massage

This is an exquisite massage based on traditional Hawaiian techniques. Long luxurious stokes work the body from feet to head. This massage is like a dance. It is all about flow and movement and rhythm. (It is not intended as a hard massage, those that want something with more intensity should choose the deep tissue rhythmic massage, and for spasms and particular areas of discomfort, the sports massage.)

Confused by the options? How do you choose the best massage for you?
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What is the cause of the pain in tense muscles?

Many clients as me this question.
The pain of tension and post sports training that appears in the muscle is usually a build of up lactic acid and other metabolites.
For instance, when an athlete pushes themselves, oxygen becomes limited. When glycogen, the muscles' fuel is metabolized without oxygen, lactic acid and other metabolites accumulate in the blood and muscles, causing fatigue, soreness and pain. The pain stimulates nerve activity, which often results in muscle spasm. The spasm hinders the flow of fluids in the tissue. Uninterrupted spasm significantly limits blood flow and oxygen to the tissue binging more pain and more spasm!
Pain (even delayed pain after exercise) can also be caused by microscopic tears in the muscle tissue. These lead to inflammation  and increased discomfort.
Connective tissue damage due to the way the muscle works during sport, can create pain after exercise.
Pain from tension is usually the result of a muscle that is overused (often unconsciously). Bad posture when sitting or standing, or constantly using certain muscles to do a repetitive task - such as using your mouse, or hooking your phone against your ear with your shoulder. Over time, toxins build up in the muscle and before you know it, pain and sometimes spasm results.

How does a massage work to reduce pain and help remove spasms

On a physiological level, massage does 3 major things
- breaks down the crystalline buildup in the muscles that we call tension
- increases blood flow to the muscle thereby increasing the supplying of oxygen, and fuel
-increases lymph flow, which helps to remove waste
- massage also stimulates the brain to produce painkillers and anti-inflammatory to help the area to rejuvenate and heal
The net result is a reductions of pain, and tension in the area, an increased level of comfort.

Side effects of massage

Of course, the whole point of a massage is to leave you feeling relaxed and pampered. Most people feel wonderful after a massage, both physically and mentally relaxed, grounded and connected to their own bodies, and pleasantly pampered.

Sometimes however, the side effects of a massage can be quite intense, and even quite unpleasant, depending on how regularly you get a massage, and what condition your body is in at the time of the massage.

Because the massage works to remove a build up of toxins and increase blood supply and thereby oxygen, these toxins are released into the blood stream, and sometimes result in the classic detox symptoms: headaches, sinus, in rare cases even nausea.
If you are very tense, and rarely get a massage, it is not unusual to feel bruised the next day. The massage does not in fact bruise you, the sensation is as a result of the massage working to remove the sharp crystalline build up toxins in the muscle. For this reason it is sometimes advisable to request a softer massage at first, and build up over subsequent sessions.

How can you ensure that you get the best treatment for you?
Each of our bodies are quite different, what may feel wonderful for me, you may hate, so be clear with your therapist as to what you like in your massage in terms of:

 - Where you are carrying tension or pain that you would like them to focus on,
 - How hard or soft you prefer your massage to be,
 - What you really love or hate eg: feet, head etc.

Don't be too shy to let the therapist know, as she goes, if the massage is too hard, or if you would like her to work harder, or work more in a particular place. Your therapist is not a mind reader, so let her know what you like. Oooos and Aaahs are are a great sign posts for the therapist to follow, so feel free to let it out!

What we don't / won't do
Cloud 9
does not offer any additions "services" with our massage. NO pelvic relief, happy endings or any such services of any kind what so ever, so please don't even call us to ask!