Visualisation in the floatation tank

The ability to think in sensory images instead of words is an absolutely essential first step towards self mastery. Vivid mental images are accepted by our bodies as being real. The mind perceives something as happening and tends to generate organic changes. The control that we can exercise over our own bodies is incredible.


By way of example, there are numerous meticulously documented cases of breast enlargement in groups of women through visualisation.

Each study used a different visualization technique: in one, the women were told to visualize a warm towel over their breasts, with a heat lamp shining down on them. Other groups visualised themselves as they would like to be. Still others visualised blood and energy flowing into their breasts. In al the studies the increase in breast size was significant. The average increase in breast measurement was slightly under 1 inches one study of only 12 weeks increased on average 2.1 inches, while many of the women lost weight so the results were not attributed to gaining pounds. What is true for breast enlargements is also true for losing weight or overcoming illness quite literally, what you see is what you get.


Other experiments show how visualisation can be used for sports training. 

In one of the most famous experiments in psychology, Alan Richardson divided his schoolboy subjects into 3 groups. The boys were each tested on their skills at sinking a basketball from the free-throw line. The first group was then told to practice shooting free throws every day. The second group was told that they should not practice shooting at all, rather they should visualise themselves shooting the basketball. The third group was told not to practice or visualise at all. 

At the end of 20 days, the groups were reassembled and tested. 

The non-practicing non visualising group predictably showed no improvement. 

The group that practiced every day showed a 24% improvement. 

The visualising  group (who practiced only in their minds) improved 23%. These remarkable results -  demonstrating that mental practice brought almost as much improvement as actual physical practice -  have been confirmed time and time again in more recent tests. 


Visualisation has proved time and time again to be beneficial in Self Healing. Extraordinary number of cancer patient have recovered completely from visualisation techniques. 

Everyone has the capacity to think visually. The floatation tank is the optimum environment for visualisation because the relaxation that it causes is so profound that the brain soon begins to generate unprecedented amount of very slow, strong, rhythmical theta waves, which are associated with vivid, lifelike hypnagogic images.

All methods of visualisation throughout history have emphasised that a state of deep relaxation is essential to successful visualisation. In the tank, deep relaxation and strong mental imagery come spontaneously and effortlessly. Here visualisations are clear, vivid, and creative, making them so much easier to do and so much more effective.

Disclaimer: Floatation is an experience unique to each individual, as such, the experience and results may vary from person to person.