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Floatation Therapy
Packages (choose a silent float or a sound journey)
Single 1 hr float R 650
3 float package (1 hr float)

Each float experience is quite different, and in general your second and third floats will take you much deeper more easily than your first. We recommend you try floating at least 3 times ideally within 3 -5 weeks to get the full experience.

R 1700

5 float package (1 hr float) R 2650
10 float Package (1 hr float) R 5000
Cloud 9 float memberships
Become a Cloud 9 float member, and you will not only get the best possible price for your floats, but loads of additional benefits as well:
Essential Membership Package: 1 Float/month R 580
Serenity membership package: 2 Floats / month R 990
Tranquility membership package: 4 Floats / month R 1800
Zen membership package: 8 Floats / month R 3200
Additional benefits to members:

  • You may introduce a new friend to floating whenever you float for only R550 instead of the R 650 regular price
  • You can upgrade your float to 90 min for an additional R250 or to 2 hours for an additional R 400
  • You qualify for a 20% discount on individual Kinesiology/N.O.T/Personal Transformation/postural analysis sessions with Angela¬†
  • You can enjoy our outdoor meditation space, before or after your float for as long as you like, including access to our guided meditation selection – bring your own headphones. (T’s and C’s apply)
  • 20% discount on one on one meditation and mindfulness training with Angela
  • Partner benefits: we connect with other businesses in our community and negotiate discounts for our members.
  • Your floats can roll over to another month or can be gifted if you cannot make use of them for whatever reason.

T’s and C’s:

Our minimum membership period is for 3 months.

Payment is made monthly by debit order

One months notice should be given for cancellation
Membership is for a single individual, and while we do allow you to gift your floats when you cannot make it, this is not intended as a way of sharing your membership with a partner. You are welcome to invite new friends to join you at a discounted rate in addition to your own floats.

Healing modalities

This very complex, very powerful healing modality is extremely effective in correcting:
Pain: Neck pain, back pain, muscle pain, muscle spasms, injuries, long term or chronic pain reduction. Headaches. Sinusitis. Food allergies and sensitivities. Fatigue, chronic tiredness, low energy, ME. Skin problems. Emotional/physical stress. Depression. Insomnia. Recurring infections. Relationship difficulties. Anxiety and phobias.

R 1500

Counteracts stress build-up and mobilizes the healing of various organs by stimulating specific reflex points on the hands and feet.

R 690
Personal development

A powerful and loving guide to help you move beyond limitations, towards an expansive and unrestricted life. This is a guaranteed program that will allow you to become unconditional in your self-love and free in your life.

R 16500
Massages and Body Work
Full Body Aromatherapy/Deep tissue/Island style/pregnancy massages. 1hr

Our therapists work to find your perfect combination of depth and gentleness to deliver the best of both – pressure to relieve tension, in combination with rhythmical nurturing strokes to allow for really deep relaxation.

R 690
Full Body Aromatherapy/Deep tissue/Island style massages. 1.5 hr R 1030
Full Body Aromatherapy/Deep tissue/Island style massages. 2 hr R 1380
Treatment packages

Great couples treatment
For 2 people, each relaxes with a stress busting floatation treatment and then indulges in our divine full body massage

R 2300
Gift vouchers

A gift voucher makes a thoughtful and loving gift. All of our treatments are available in the form of a voucher which can either be purchased at Cloud 9, or via email and EFT.

Booking conditions to note:

Please book in advance, we do not take walk in clients

Please give 1 full days notice for a cancellation so that we are able to make the slot available to someone else timorously. Bookings canceled with less then 1 full days notice are charged in full.

Ideally, please make your payment in advance via EFT. Use the address below to acquire bank details.

For more information the best form of contact is Since we are in and out with clients during the day, it can be difficult to reach us by phone.
If you do want to speak to someone personally call 0826718152, if we cannot answer, we will come back to you.