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All illnesses is self created - even conventional medical doctors are now seeing how people make themselves sick. 

Most people do it quite unconsciously (they don't even know that they are doing it) so when they get sick, they don't know what has hit them. 

We know that there are links between emotions and the body, between thought and physiology. Moods and emotions are inseparable from physiological responses in the autonomic nervous system. The dilating blood vessels that make us blush or the flush that comes with anger or the pounding of the heart that signifies passion or terror, show this link clearly. It is through this link that people make themselves ill through their negative thought patterns, their past experiences, their current emotional state and needs. 

Did you know?

In multiple personality patients, one personality may be totally normal (physically), and yet with the sudden shift of personalities, some as quick as the snap of a finger, the second personality may be hypoglycemic. Blood chemistry changing in seconds. There are many records of multiple personality patients changing everything from eye colour, to having a menstrual cycle per month for every personality, to being allergic one moment to a substance, and not affected the next. This phenomenon shows clearly the link between mind and body, and how easily and effectively the one can influence the other.

Did you know: 

In visualization experiments, women were able to increase the size of their breasts by up to 2.1 inches.

Did you know: 

What does this mean in terms of healing? 

If you can change the instructions to these cells as to how they should re-grow, you can change your body. Not just your breast size - although it is a fascinating idea, but more importantly, replace cancer cells with healthy ones, repair damaged tissue, free yourself from arthritis, get rid of pain, strengthen your immune system against disease and viruses - whatever your hearts desire! And the most amazing part - it doesn't have to take that long - if your eyes are able to regenerate in 6 weeks - 6 weeks is enough to fix them in!

We know that we are able to create problems and areas of pain or disease in any part of our body at any time - if a multiple personality patient can develop and remove and allergy within seconds, so can you! 

Without a doubt, the mind is connected to health. The body is specifically designed to heal itself. From a tiny cut on the finger, where we fight off infection, protect the wound with a scab, remove dead cell debris from the area, and grow new flesh, to the infestation of a cold virus where our immune cells find, identify, and destroy the virus, our body has an intelligence healing itself all the time. That intelligence is linked to the mind, and can be revved up or shut down by the mind. 

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