The collective noun of failures….

On Friday night, my mixed doubles partner Andile and I won the Gauteng closed badminton tournament. Title defended from last year. Whooo hoo, who doesn’t like to win?
On Sunday morning, I was back on the court training with Wayne, who, wonderful man, gives up his early Sunday mornings to play with me, and make me a better singles player. He hits me a shuttle, and I play the same shot, again and again, hundreds of times, until I can hit is easily and consistently. I start with getting a couple over the net and in the court, and by the end of the session, I am getting the majority over and in. Next week we will do the same shot – guess what happens? I start by getting a couple over and in and end by getting most over an in – the same shot!
Yesterday my husband, Brett came up with an interesting comment. He said that the collective noun for failures is success, haha good one babe. ┬áBut perhaps rather, it is the collective of many failures and small successes and more failures etc. that finally becomes the unconscious competence we are looking for. For myself, there have been many times when I have though, “finally, I have this waxed”, this shot, or this understanding or this skill, or this ability to be in peace; joy; happiness; self worth; self love, the present moment etc. only to find that life is like badminton, turn around and you start all over again. There is really no point in being annoyed, or disappointed or judgmental when we slip back into our old stuff, simply get back in the game, and love the practice. To my badminton buddies – I do love the game, and I do love the practice, to my life buddies – same applies. Ang and Andile winners

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