Testimonials for mindfulness retreats and trainings


Dearest Angela,
Thank you most sincerely for facilitating the “Mindfulness” session at ORT JET last week.
Not surprisingly, from all accounts, your expertise, knowledge and insight contributed enormously to the success of the talk.  Thank you for covering this extremely interesting topic and for putting the delegates at ease especially those apprehensive about the session.   It was informative, interactive and inspiring to all those present.

You set the relaxing tone for the talk  and the information received was invaluable to the attendees.  I would love to work with you again in 2018.

I sent an e-mail to all those present and below are the comments and insight gained from the session.

“I wish I could learn to be more like Angela”

“I did not understand how amazing mindful eating could be and this practice will be used in my life from now on”

“I learnt so much and the content was highly effective.  The session content will be put to good use going forward, thank you”

“I thought the talk was very inspiring and uplifting and a load of fun.  Angela’s tips were amazing . I would like to put them into practise and I have started doing that already and do it regularly. It just makes you more aware.  Thanks very much it was a great session”

“Thanks so much for this evening.  Since I do a lot of mindfulness meditation I went to support Doron.  I found Angela inspiring and am seriously considering doing one of her weekend retreats”

 “ I benefited from the session.  It certainly made me think about possibilities and changes”

We really appreciate that you made a difference in the lives of our ORT JET businesses and thank you once again for the session.
Tracey Catania
Training and Event Coordinator

They liked it so much they made a video, with permission from OrtJet, here it is: