Personal Transformation Masters Program

So you have done the “love your self, love your life” program and life feels very different and much so much better, but you know there is the potential for even more and you really don’t want to stop now. Where to from here?

Now that we have laid these fabulous foundations together now let us create a vision for your life, and deal with whatever other things are standing in your path to achieving it.

Allow me to introduce the “life makeover masters  program”
By now you know that I tailor program specifically for you, but let me inspire you as to some of the of paths we may travel on your masters journey:

  • I’ll show you the illusion of money, how it has got you by the gonads, and guide you out of the emotional hold it has on you, or the way it keeps you stuck, fearful, or grasping. (this is a biggie for so many people).
    We will explore: do you own your money or does your money attachment own you?
  • Perhaps we will work on helping you to Master a lack of attachment to outcomes, to stress, to your identity, to others. Lack of attachment while still rising to the thrill and adventure that life has to offer is, in my opinion, putting on the big girl panties of life, and really becoming masterful at it is the essence of a wonderful life.
  • We may work on becoming still and tapping into the universal intelligence that is available to us all. This intelligence is available to us all the time, mastering tapping into it is a powerful way to direct your life (What is it, how to do it, how to master it)
  • Stripping away fears and beliefs that hold you back from living your most joyful life. No matter how much work we have already done, chances are there are still loads of beliefs and sabotages that are still stopping you from stepping into your best life experience.
  • Finding purpose, passion, planning for the future, so that you can live a life of adventure, enjoyment, and pleasure.
  • Relationship mastery: getting really good at creating relationships that feed your soul, healing strained relationships, asking for what you want.
  • Releasing “anything you seek to avoid is a thing to release” What do you need to let go of, so that you can become truly free.
  • Authenticity: get comfortable with being you, and letting the world experience that from you.
  • Forgiveness, letting go of the fantasy of what you wish something had been, accepting the truth, and being able to moving on joyfully.
  • Happiness, i’ll help you to become the master tapping into it more often and for longer.
  • Conflict management: keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs.
  • Becoming present, peaceful and calm, and spending more time there. Discovering how to make the most of your life, regardless of what is going on.
  • Plus:  I have a may few challenges for you, to push the boat out and give a powerful feedback experience in relation to where you are growing.
  • And most exciting, for those with additional budget, I have a series of experiences to take you on that have the potential to have a profound effect in a very short time to make a shift for you.