Coping with divorce

Getting divorced can be rough. It tends to get your mind running, and your emotions high. It can take over your every though, and leave you wrung out, frustrated, angry, demoralized, and deeply unhappy. It can leave you feeling lost and un-lovable, and  it can do serious damage to your self worth and self-esteem.

If there was ever a time to take action in learning to love yourself unconditionally, find your confidence, learn how to navigate the barrage of thought that is making you crazy, this is the time!
To come out of an experience like this with a strong, confident, identity, is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself.

“Mark” came to me in the middle of an epic battle for custody of his child after a divorce. He had spent 2 years fighting both in and out of court, and he was exhausted. Half way through our program together he told me, laughing all the way, that he used to think he was crazy busy, but having worked with me he realized that he had just been busy in his thinking: Imagining the fight, brewing, getting angry and frustrated and hating his life. After just a few sessions he told me that he his mind was his again, and he realized that he actually had so much time on his hands, now that he wasn’t at war in his head all the time, that he was thinking for starting a new business to occupy him.
This is a pretty common experience for my clients. In learning how much they are creating their own suffering and how to stop doing that, they are able to return to peace, and happiness within themselves, even when things are still hectic on the outside.

If you need help in this time, I invite you to conciser doing  the “love yourself love your life  program with me. This 3 month program, done one-on-one is configured specifically for you, to take you from angry, frustrated, freaked out, unhappy and unworthy, back to emotional and personal thriving.

For more information, check out the rest of this web site, the testimonials, and my art of life vlogs and feel free to contact me and we can set up a free discovery session.