The Art of Touch Massage Course

Massage facebookEveryone agrees that touch/massage is the most relaxing, nurturing, even sensual of all therapies. For me, a great relaxation massage should make you feel like your bones are going to melt, like your whole body is turning into deep dark chocolate, like all the tension and stress is being drawn out of your body, leaving you so relaxed and comfortable that you have no desire to be anywhere else. As a touch person, I believe that touch is the most beautiful way of deeply connecting with another person.

Because we do such beautiful massages at Cloud 9, to learn the art of our beautiful and unique massages. For some, it is just a matter of wanting to do massages at home for their loved ones, for others they would like to take up, or play around with the idea of a career in massage.

Cloud 9 is offering a massage course with a difference. Over two consecutive Saturdays, you will learn all about the Art of Touch. You will learn Spa secrets, strokes that will allow you to massage with confidence. Techniques to increase the power of your massage even if your hands are not strong. How to find and work tension in a muscle. Setting the mood for a massage that will get someone relaxed before you even start. And some incredible, techniques for dealing with muscular pain that come from Kinesiology. How, in short, to get someone sighing with contentment. Oh yes, and of course, how to maintain comfort and modesty esp. when dealing with the opposite sex.

For those wanting a career in massage, 2 further days are advised. More practical experience and techniques, learning about the muscles, do’s and don’ts to keep you safe, insider knowledge.

Come and join me for this wonderfully fun, casual, and practical course. You will be one of a small group of beginners all learning the ropes from the master (that’s me, Angie) getting a chance to learn, practice, and feel, and master the various techniques.

This is a very practical course, and much of the time in the course is spent working on a partner, or having that partner work on you. For this reason, if you are not comfortable with the thought of working with a stranger, please encourage someone you know to come with you so that you can work together. If you come alone, you will be teamed up with another single person.

Bring a friend, and you can claim 10% off the course price for both of you.
Please note, that we reserve the right to cancel this course if, due to the economic climate it is under subscribed.

The next course is scheduled for

January 31 and  Feb 1st 2015

The cost of the course – only R1999 per person

To book, contact: Cloud 9 bookings  on 011788-9934 or

Cancellation Policy:

Please note: Space on these courses is limited, and, because in the past, some inconsiderate people have booked and then let us down at the last minute, we require payment in full, at least 5 days in advance, to secure your booking.

If you wish to cancel your booking, we will be happy to give you a full refund, provided cancellation is given with a minimum of 4 days notice, so that we can refill your space with someone from the waiting list.

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