Mindfulness retreat and training.


Mindful awareness, retreat, to self love

A beautiful retreat which offers a wonderful opportunity to:

  • Understand where your emotions and feeling are really created, so that you can spend less time suffering and more time peaceful, calm and happy
  • Develop a greater capacity to love yourself, wholeheartedly and unconditionally.
  • Create a new level of awareness and self mastery, learn how to be present in the moment.
  • Learn to feel great about yourself, your job, and everything else.
  • Deepen understanding of how your felt experience of  life is constructed through your thinking, to give you better access to inner inspiration, creativity, and well-being.
  •  Experience a radically improved sense of your innate  security, which allows you to be more you, and less what you think others need you to be.
  • Relax in an environment of harmony and peace and take a break from your daily life.

Come with a partner or friend, and you will deepen your relationship with a shared understanding. You will meet and interact with a group of people on a journey that you can relate to, share experiences with, and learn from. It’s a chance to make new relationships with people who get it, and get you.

When I first learned the principles, I was told that to truly internalize the principles of thought, mind and consciousness, it would take more of an ongoing conversation than once-off teaching. From the first moment I learned about the 3 principles, I knew that understanding them was a game changer, but, to be honest, it took me months of immersion before I felt like I really got it. Got it, to the point where my whole experience of life was auto-magically transformed. Boy, was it worthwhile! Now I am able to live my life in the present moment so much more, with the capacity for peace, creativity, calm acceptance, non-judgement, and radically improved relationships.

 I really want to help you deepen your understanding, and my wish is for you to have the conversations that make the knowledge an integral part of how you do life. It is a journey. Participation in the 3 principles for mindfulness retreat is another giant step towards deeper levels of acceptance, peace, connection, comfort, and love.

The retreat will include teachings,  and group discussions, a chance to share your own experiences and explore your questions, while learning from others’ experiences too. In addition, you will introduced to meditation and mindfulness practices.

To make this an all-round and fulfilling experience, we have made sure the program allows plenty of free time to just be and engage with wonderful new people.

The weekend officially starts with our first conversation after dinner on Friday night.
Check-in is from 2pm, and checkout is on Sunday at 10am.

Cost:                             R 3700 per person

What you get:              Accommodation on a sharing basis en-suites rooms, all meals and facilitation

Date:                            19:00 March 2nd to 3pm 4th March  2018

Venue:                         Melody Hill Retreat Centre Magaliesburg
Contact Angela:        Please email info@cloud-nine.co.za for bookings and inquiries.
Early bird bookings made before the end of November 2017 will earn a 10% discount. 

Bookings close on the 30th January 2018. A 50% cancellation will be incured for any cancellations after the cancellation made after the 6th of February.
This retreat requires min numbers, organisers reserve the right to cancel by the 6th of February with a full refund.


The quest –The 101 (or 5) questions you need to ask yourself each, and getting answers that will change your life.

There is an art to designing your right life, to living your passion, to getting the life you really find joy in living. It is the same art employed by a good therapist, I use it in my NLP coaching, and Kinesiology all the time, that is one of the reasons my treatments are so effective. The art is about asking the right question, at the right time, and keeping on at that question until you get a meaningful answer. The power of this coaching escape is not so much the question – though that of course is critical, but the sitting with the question until you get the meaningful answer, which is why getting out of town and away from distractions and in a perfect environment, where there is nothing else to do but that work is so useful.

In this escape, you will learn how to use the 5 questions in 101 ways, and how search your soul for meaningful answers that will direct your efforts and indeed your life over the coming year.

Dates to be announced

Check out the list of free introductory lectures to be posted soon, or like the cloud 9 page on facebook, where I will be posting dates for my free talks and introductory  training


Disclaimer: The journey of personal development, healing,  developing self esteem and self love are a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.

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