Group transformation

For those who prefer group work to one on one, these 12 week Saturday morning group transformation sessions with me will take you step by step through my transformation process to:

  • Give you an innate understanding of how the mind actually works to create your experience of your inner and outer world. A fundamental understanding that will transform every part of your experience of life.
  • Pin point exactly what it is that has kept you stuck in this old cycle, and free you from it.
  • Quieten and control the inner critic, and give you more peace and harmony in your life.
  • Develop a sense of yourself that is strong, confident and compassionate.
  • Show you your unique genius and how you are special in the world
  • Turn your thinking around, so that you are a powerful confident individual.
  • Develop your confidence in your ability to make decisions.
  • Learn about the enormous power of your mind to shape your life and experience of reality and turn it into a tool to empower you.
  • Give you incredible resilience to life’s stress and setbacks.
  • Get you to a place where you love and respect of yourself.

Week by week you will learn powerful tools, uncover and heal past hurts, find and change limiting beliefs, and start to experience insights that will change every part of your life experience. This is not about finding a way to make you better, smarter, richer, thinner, more beautiful, more acceptable. You have probably tried all that before, and it hasn’t made you love yourself. This is about Scraping Off the Poo of poor quality thinking, old stuck beliefs, requirements, proving, that keep you thinking you are not OK.

From my early 20’s this was my dream for myself. I spent 20 years, reading, learning, studying and working on myself so that I could be the person that would be acceptable, peaceful and lovable. I became fascinated by how the brain works, where my experience of our reality is actually generated from, and how to get control of it all, so that I could get out of fear, anxiety and proving. Knew what I wanted and I wanted it desperately!
When I look back, I laugh! In the end, the answer was so much simpler, more graceful, and easier to achieve than I ever imagined. Now that I completely understand the HOW, it is my great pleasure, purpose and passion to help my clients to get there too.

So, If you have ever felt or thought
“I am not good enough”
” I don’t fit in”
“I don’t belong”
“I have no confidence”
“I am too shy”
“I am unacceptable”
“I am unlovable”
“I have to be perfect to be acceptable”
“I have to be a winner, or prove myself constantly”
I am here to help you.

Whether you call it low self esteem/self worth/lack of self confidence/lack of self respect/lack or self love/lack of self acceptance/don’t like yourself, these are all part of the same issue.

As a self esteem and personal development specialist, I have worked closely with many people like you. Some of them were scared, and doubtful that after years of feeling this way, any thing could change for them. I have published a few of testimonials from clients who have given me permission to do so Click here

The advantages of joining one of Angela’s groups are:

  • When you work within a group environment, you come to see that others struggle with fundamentally the same problems, fears and shames that you do. This is a deeply empowering and freeing experience.
  • Working with a group creates incredible bonds between the members of the group, where they are able to help and support and grow each other. These bonds and friendships can last a lifetime.
  • Working with a group, allows you to experience showing your true self to other people in am empathetic, supportive environment, without fear.
  • Working with a group means that you will have the opportunity to get insight, learning and growth from others’ experiences and understandings. This kind of learning is incredibly powerful, because is resonates so deeply in your own life.
  • Group work costs less.
  • You are not limited. Along with the regular group sessions, you can add in one on one sessions with Angela whenever you are dealing with a particular thorny issue.
  • Group transformation means that you will work with other members of the group, which means developing skills of your own. This can be very empowering not only for you grown ability to have insights for yourself for the rest of your life, but also for other relationships in your life.


Disclaimer: The journey of personal development, healing,  developing self esteem and self love are a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.

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