Secrets to Self Esteem Weekend Course

Secrets To Self Esteem Weekend Course

If you have spent an unhappy life thinking:
“Nothing I ever do is good enough”
If loving yourself, or even liking yourself is a foreign concept
If you have spent your life doing everything in your power to be sufficiently loveable, good enough, perfect enough….THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.

Take a moment to consider how your life would change if you felt good about yourself, regardless of who you are with or what environment you are in. If you had confidence, faith, belief in yourself. If you had a deep intrinsic knowing that you are always good enough, loveable enough. Consider what your life could be like if were no longer afraid of being judged by others?

Take this opportunity to create that life!

In this 2 day course, we will un-stick, throw out, debunk, and do away with the old experiences, thinking and beliefs that have been keeping you feeling, unloved, fearful and unhappy. We will literally rewire your brain, so that you can finally get the self esteem, self love, self confidence that you deeply deserve.

You will leave this course with a completely new understanding of who you are, and some incredible tools to support you in loving yourself and loving your life.

Your trainer:
Courses are led by Angela Hardy, Adv dip Kin, NLP.

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Angela is a frisky, fun loving red head. For the last 20 years she has a unstoppable fascination with how the brain works, and what it takes to change our patterns, and she has perused that knowledge with a deep passion, both in her own life, and with her clients.

She has walked her own journey to self love, and found the destination to be everything she had hoped it would be.

In her work as a Kinesiologist and Self Esteem Coach at Cloud 9 she has massive success in working with clients to guide them in developing high self esteem, self acceptance and self love, well as in finding healing, both emotional and physical, and she adores it!

Angela would like nothing better then to guide you out of self doubt, unhappiness and lack of self worth and into realizing the truth of yourself that you deeply love.

Next Date: 16th and 17th January 2016
In Johannesburg

Cost: R 1999.00

“PS. I really believe that when you learn something with a friend, you will always be there to help each other stay on track, so, as a very special offer for this August course, you may bring a friend with you, for an additional R 1200″  From me to you with love. Angie

To join, contact Angela on or 011 788 9934

Full payment is required on booking, discounts apply to those who book early. Full refund is possible with 14 days notice, after which 50% of your booking is non refundable.

What people have to say about Angie’s training:

“Angela has opened the window and door to a new me, and I am excited to engage in the adventure of unleashing that new me” Joanne *

“You inspire me” Tina *

“Thank you for showing me it is OK to be me” Dianna *

” I have learned to be kind, loving and gentle with myself, and that I do not have to be perfect.” Sue  *

“Extremely well structured course, very though provoking.” Melanie *

“It was an amaising training course, very informative and so positive. Angela is the most wonderful positive person, I loved every minute of it” *

 If you would like to see Angela in action – you can view some of her video blogs at  on this web site. Look out specifically for the self esteem series. 


*Disclaimer: The journey of personal development, healing,  developing self esteem and self love are a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.

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