Tapping in

“Some doors only open from the inside.”

Welcome to tapping in. Where I share my musings and some of the insights that have changed my life. I hope that they can inspire and help you on your own journey.

Bonfire of thoughts

100% of our felt experience is created in our own thoughts. This is how we do it.



Control freak much? 

We try to control everything around us because we believe that it will allow us to feel stress free, safe and happy, but the very act of trying to control the uncontrollable is a trap we set for ourselves, that makes us feel stressed, unsafe and unhappy.


Cocktails and a tropical island 

Are you in the “I just want 6 months off to do nothing but sip cocktails on a tropical island” state of mind?



Holding onto the sword – a story. 
Have you been holding on to ideas, should’s, personal image, beliefs that, despite their positive intentions, somehow keep you stressed grumpy even unhappy?



How to do “Less thinky, more happy”
It’s true, less thinky more happy, but most people have absolutely no idea whatsoever how to do less thinky. In truth, thinking less is quite the art. A little understanding of how more thinky works, is really useful in understanding how to do less of it.


Less thinky more happy.
How we create suffering in our own lives, and the simple art of not doing that.



How to return to mental well-being by doing Nothing.

If you have worked with the 3 principles before, but are battling with HOW to “do nothing” to return to well being, this one if for you.


Where has your head been all this time?
Same as everyone else’s – right up your bum. We are all walking around in our own heads, we are making up our experience with our thoughts, and then believing that experience is true. Imagine what could change if you realized that your felt experience was just a thought generated hallucination.


Kinesiology feature on DStv Home Channel’s Real Health Show. 
If you have been curious about what Kinesiology is, what it can do for you and how it works.



Saying yes to your weirdness

Charming, clever and thought provoking. JP Sears delivers a funny and enlightening ted talk on being ourselves.



Resolution to love myself: Daily series

A day by day journey to self love.
Each day an new idea or a deeper understanding, and a little bit of truth about learning to love yourself.



Getting out of stress of your goals and into pleasure every day.  (Written Blog)  (Video Blog)

This lesson in re-framing how I measure of success has made a powerful change in my daily life. It you want to be in flow, this may be the thing that tips it for you.

Surrender and Flow:

Happiness is not so much about getting what you want, but wanting what you get.


NLP Neuro Linguisitic Programming:

In segment from the Real Health Show on DStv Home channel is all about NLP, how it works, what it does, and what it looks like.


Specialized Kinesiology:

Learn about Kinesiology and how it works as a healing modality.



Floatation/sensory deprivation/isolation therapy

This DStv Real health Show segment is all about floatation and meditation




The collective noun of failure:

What to many small attempts and failures add up to, and what badminton has taught me about life.



Meditation Myths:

The Myths of meditation, for all those who think that they can’t meditation, once you read this, you will realize you have been doing it just fine all along.


Thought on the hamster wheel

If you knew that absolutely every feeling you ever have is created not in the circumstance of your life, but in your mind though thought, it would change your relationship to your thoughts and feelings completely, and that change = freedom of mind.

3 secrets to managing stress

Stress is created in the mind, from the inside out, not in the environment form the outside in. This understanding is the key to a calm life.


My favorite advice from the movies

Sometimes great wisdom comes in funny soundbites.



It is neither good nor bad:

The is my all time favorite story lesson about a man and his horse.



Say what?*&!


Are you one of the gazillion people who lives with an abuser in their heads? It that abuser you? What we say to ourselves matters.


Angry much?

If you think you can’t help getting angry, think again. What makes you angry, and how to get over it immediately.


This is what I know

Learning to love yourself is the answer, and it is not hard to do.



Self esteem for your kids 

Tips to help your kids to high self esteem.



Internal observer

Being able to watch your own mind in action is the # 1 skill you need to change your life experience.


Feeling groovy

Tips for adults to help develop self esteem



So happy together

Relationships – they always say you need to work on them, but what is this work exactly?


Mated for life

My best tip for maintain a great relationship.



10 rules for a life worth living

Advice from the best of the best form the Hay House world summit last year, about how to create a life worth living.


Are you sabotaging your life?

Beliefs systems direct our behaviour. Are you sabotaging your life with old unconsidered limiting beliefs?


How to make water Kefir

Exert from the real health show on DStv Home Chanel. Water Kefir and gut health