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The hamster wheel of thought

Have you ever noticed how, when you start thinking about something that creates a high emotional state – usually a negative state, you can very easily get caught up in that thinking. It starts with a thought, you think it, and before you know it, your mind is running on and on, and you are more and more swept up in the thinking and the emotions and then you are completely out of control of your thinking and emotional state. How long does it take you before it becomes impossible to stop the hamster wheel of your thinking.

Letting your thinking take over in this way is good bye to being in the present moment, good bye pleasant day, good bye calmness, happiness, rationality.

There is a big difference between acknowledging your emotions, and feeding them with hamster wheel thinking. Recognizing and acknowledging your emotional state, can be a useful, some might say, an essential tool in healing. Getting caught up in your story is completely self defeating.

This is where the internal observer comes in. This ability to divide the brain into the chattering monkeys, and the observer of your state and thinking, is possibly the most powerful skill you can develop. If you don’t know all about the internal observer yet – I have a blog all about that, which you should go look at.

Noticing a feeling with kind curiosity, and becoming aware of the thinking that allows the feeling to come up, is a space in which you can begin to understand yourself and heal your past pains. Or more often notice that the story you are telling yourself about something is in fact the root of your pain. Sitting with that feeling without allowing a story to develop, this is the role of the internal observer. Noticing the story, and recognizing how much of it is made up, developed, delivered by the script writer of your mind, and how much you know for certain is the truth, that is the power of your mind working for you.