How do I book Angela for an event?
Angie does speaking engagements and facilitation and workshops/training. Simply email her at info@cloud-nine.co.za
It would be helpful if you send as much information as possible regarding dates and time and locations and the event itself and what you are looking to achieve with the event.

How can I work with Angela for myself or for my business?
Simple send her a mail and we can set up a free discovery session to meet each other, establish if you will work well together and find out how I can help you

Can Angela teach me to coach in the 3 principles
Yes, actually many of my clients love what they learn so much that they would like to go on to teach, coach with or make use of principles based coaching in some way. I do run a mentorship program wherein I teach you how to go about coaching with the principles, and mentor you through practical coaching sessions until you have sufficient experience and confidence to fly alone.

Is there another way to work with you if I can’t afford one on one sessions?
Yes, I have a couple of online courses that are highly rated on Udemy, they are super cheap, and full have great content for you.

Mindfulness: Get out of chatter and into happiness. https://www.udemy.com/course/mindfulness-get-out-of-the-chatter-and-into-happiness/?referralCode=402300FF3FADEBD42C36

Mindfulness, get out of the chatter and into happiness rating

Set your self free from Anger forever: