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Sensory isolation/floatation therapy

The extraordinarily deep relaxation of the body and mind, is a result of the removal of external sensations of light, sound, touch, gravity and temperature.
This astonishingly nurturing environment, free of external influence, causes the removal of stress from your body in the simplest, easiest way.

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    “Although floatation is also known as sensory deprivation, or an isolation tank, the experience is unexpected, more like a form of sensory enhancement in the connection with your own body in a way that you have never felt before, and that is extremely relieving of the stress and anxiety that permeates modern life.”

    The impact of Floating on Anxiety, A CBS report

    “75% of patients suffering from Anxiety, report floating is the most relaxing experience of their lives, compared to any other treatment.” Dr Justin Feinstein.

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      Earth story video: Can floatation heal trauma?

      We live in a time we’re going to the grocery store without a smartphone creates life-threatening anxiety.

      “People today do not see a way out of their distraction loops, they are far too enticing and easy. Most don’t even realize how this damages the ability to be happy and just enjoy the present moment because it’s always about what stimulus is coming next.

      The beauty of the float tank is that it is a place totally free from anything to do, say, or be. There’s a reason you get so many good ideas in the shower or right after meditation. Your mind needs space to process thoughts and formulate them into brilliance. If you focus on trivial pleasures, you’ll only get trivial thoughts in return, and the surface level distractions keep you blind to what’s bubbling beneath.  That is what makes foatation so valuable in the modern era. It gives you the chance to dive deeper into yourself than you ever thought possible. In those murky depths are tangled emotions, hidden programs, buried and forgotten traumas, all of them, waiting to be found, for they also contain the treasures of your soul.

      A great philosopher once said, “The unexamined life is a life not worth living.” Two generations later, the student of his student, declared, “knowing thyself, it’s the beginning of wisdom.”

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        Cloud 9 floatation in the media

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