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Sensory isolation/
floatation therapy

The extraordinarily deep relaxation of the body and mind, is a result of the removal of external sensations of light, sound, touch, gravity and temperature. This astonishingly nurturing environment, free of external influence, causes the removal of stress from your body in the simplest, easiest way. “Although floatation is also known as sensory deprivation, or an isolation tank, the experience is unexpected, more like a form of sensory enhancement in the connection with your own body in a way that you have never felt before, and that is extremely relieving of the stress and anxiety that permeates modern life.”

How Floatation works

The tank: The tank is about the size of a queen size bed. It has a lightweight, self-supporting door, which is easily opened and closed from inside. You let yourself in and out of the tank The tank is designed to block out all light and sound, so that you are cocooned in warm, silent, darkness while you float. Inside the tank is about 30cm of water, which is heated to your external skin temperature 34.2 degrees. (At this temperature, most people begin to lose perspective of where their body ends and the water starts.) The water creates a gravity free environment for your body. Dissolved in the water is about 500kg of Magnesium Sulphate (Epson salts). The salt makes the water so dense that when you lie back in it, you are pushed to the surface like a cork – completely weightless. The water is absolutely hygienically clean and sterile. The water in the tank is thoroughly filtered and Ozonated after each float, leaving it completely clean and sterile. It is fitted with air vents, which ensure that there is always plenty of fresh air to breath.
The entire experience is completely private and secure. After a thorough briefing, you are left on your own to prepare for the float, and let yourself into the tank. Before the float, you will have a luxurious shower and wash off any creams, hair products, dry skin and loose hair. Towels, soap etc are provided at Cloud 9, so you do not have to bring any of these with you. (Most people float naked: a costume would become heavy with salt, creating a sensation on your body that will distract you while you float.) Before entering the tank, smear Vaseline on any cuts so that they do not sting with the salt. We also suggest that you remove jewelry before going into the tank. A set of disposable ear plugs are provided. Water in your ears can be unpleasant after you have left the tank. We recommend you rinse your ears thoroughly when you shower again after the float You let yourself into and out of the tank. You are in complete control of the entire float experience Still wet, (except for you face, which we recommend you dry thoroughly) you will enter the tank pulling the door closed behind you. There is a small light inside the tank which you can control from inside. We recommend that you turn it off when you have settled in. Your body is completely supported by the water. Once you are in the tank, settle back into the water. Don’t attempt to hold your head up, just relax your entire body and let your head fall back completely in the water – your face will not go under, and holding your head up will only create tension in your neck muscles. The standard commercial float is 1 hour long, although it is possible to float for as long as you like without any ill effects. You are eased into the float on a gentle cloud of music. Music will play for the first 10 min of the hour, it helps you to relax and get comfortable in the tank. Thereafter, 45 min of complete silence. For the last 5 min the music will come on again to gently bring you back to earth and let you know that the float is over. Do not be concerned about sleeping through the music, it will become progressively louder until it wakes you up. Most people listen to music at the beginning and end of the float. Some people like to float with music the entire time. It is up you. The last 5 min of music brings you gently back to awareness. When the music comes on again, you can take a little time to ground yourself, you will find that you are so physically relaxed that you need to find your muscles again. When you are ready, you will stand up, wipe off the excess salty water, and amble off to the shower.
Ideally, you should give yourself a chance to enjoy the effects of the float (which are numerous) rather then rushing off to a busy schedule again. Disclaimer: Floatation is an experience unique to each individual, as such, the experience and results may vary from person to person.

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    The impact of Floating on Anxiety

    A CBS report

    “75% of patients suffering from Anxiety, report floating is the most relaxing experience of their lives, compared to any other treatment.” Dr Justin Feinstein.