Fear and anxiety

If you spend a lot of time feeling anxious or afraid, and are sick of it, there is a cure.

Old programming, conditioning experiences and trauma program you to respond with anxiety or fear to a situation that is not inherently dangerous.

Reprogramming that response is the answer. When your body is programmed to respond in a new way, you can experience life without reacting with fear or anxiety.

Contact Angela on info@cloud-nine.co.za  to set up a chat about an anxiety program for you, and to explore how else she an help you.

While we reprogram your anxiety response, consider making use of our floatation tanks,  check out the research for floatation for anxiety here

We do have 2 float tanks right here at Cloud 9, and find that they are an extremely effective addition to any therapy involving anxiety and depression.

Disclaimer: The journey of personal development, healing,  developing self esteem and self love are a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.

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