Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is the latest buzzword, I am seeing it everywhere, and for good reason. In truth, mindfulness is not a new concept. Just a new way of explaining, packaging, teaching the most useful tool for personal development and change – awareness in the moment.

Mindfulness, is about developing awareness about what is going on for you, and keeping, as much as possible that awareness present in your notice pretty much all the time.

For instance: What is going on in your body right now? Are you comfortable/uncomfortable, what is your posture like, and how does that feel, what is happening to your breathing.
What is going on in your emotional (mind body) state? Are you peaceful, stressed, frustrated, angry, loving, compassionate?
What is going on in your thinking right now – what are you feeling? Are you focused, are your monkeys chattering, are you telling yourself painful stories, are you reliving the past, how does that feel, are you in the future, are you borrowing trouble, or fantasizing about your upcoming holiday? How does that feel?

What is the point of all this awareness – well, let me start by telling you what happens when you are out of awareness. Thinking, the sneaky, slippery little fish it is, creates a felt experience of our lives – that means that anything that happens around us, to us, and  whatever brain fart we are having at any one moment, is processed and filtered though our thinking. Our thinking gives it meaning, bulks up the story, translates these things for us, decides if it is good, bad or otherwise. The result is that we are having a felt experience of our thinking, rather than a felt experience of the event itself. The experience is just a nudge that gets us thinking. It is our thinking that gives is weight, and meaning. What we decide to think about something then results in the instant release of chemicals in our body – thousands of neuropeptides flooding our system in an instant – we experience these chemical changes as “feeling” and “emotion”. We think that the way we feel is real, that we dive right in and work it! And so our experience of our life is created.

Sadly, most of us have a really great aptitude of poor quality thought. Negative, defeatist, victim, painful, suffering thought. Unloving, not good enough, judged, criticized, complicated unhappy thought. When this thought is the precursor to our felt experience, it is no wonder we feel bad, unworthy, unlovable, fearful, scared, victimized etc. so much of the time. It is lack of awareness, a lack of mindfulness about what is going on for us in the moment that allows this to happen.

So what does awareness, do? It allows us to cut through the garbage of our reactive thinking! We get to stand back and see our thinking for what it is, just a thought, and not buy into it. It allows us to see our story coming up and watch it with interest, instead of jumping and feeding it until it is our of control. It allows us to bounce back form bad feeling quickly, easily and without any drama. It lets us get responsible for our own state, and real about the part we play in creating it.

And then…… then the most wonderful thing happens! We calm down, we find freedom from painful thinking, we have space in our thinking, because, our mind is no longer consumed and cluttered with poor quality thought. It give us airtime for creativity, well being, inspiration, happiness, harmony, connection, peace of mind. Remember I said thoughts create feeling, so what will the feeling be now? And with these new feelings what changes in your life.

When we practice mindfulness awareness and are in good quality thinking we are:
More creative.
More accurate and have better analytical abilities.
Much better at handling adversity.
Better at sealing connecting, communicating and sealing the deal.
Better at our jobs.
More productive.
Better at developing and keeping quality relationships.
Significantly happier.
Far less inclined to stress and as result much healthier.
More confident.
Have greater self esteem and a higher level of self acceptance.

If you want to transform your life or business then understanding the nature of thought and allowing mindfulness to be a part of how you do life will be the single most valuable thing you can learn.

You can learn mindfulness and the underlying principles one on one with Angela. She also does one of one in businesses, as well as group training for businesses wishing to join companies like Google, Intel, Apple, Goldman Saks, General Mills, and the other 22% of businesses swear by mindfulness to increase staff well being, and bottom line profits.

For those who are stressed out, freaked out, out of their minds, or missing out, learning the how and why of mindfulness is for you. Our minds, left unobserved, often leave us feeling stressed, anxious, un-worthy, fearful, overwhelmed, and worse. A mind observed is a useful tool for peace, harmony, inspiration, creativity, productivity and self acceptance.

Disclaimer: The journey of personal development, healing,  developing self esteem and self love are a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.

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