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The 3 principles for Mindfulness Business training is designed to have an immediate and eternal impact on your staff and as a result on your business. Unlike other mimindfulness trainings which require attendees to practice the techniques in order to garner an outcome, this training works on changing the understanding of how the mind actually works. Changing understanding creates immediate and effortless change.

“Angela, the experience exceeded any expectation I had. You and Brett are such a blessing and we are forever grateful.” Piet Van Der Merve


Dearest Angela,
Thank you most sincerely for facilitating the “Mindfulness” session at ORT JET last week.
Not surprisingly, from all accounts, your expertise, knowledge and insight contributed enormously to the success of the talk.  Thank you for covering this extremely interesting topic and for putting the delegates at ease especially those apprehensive about the session.   It was informative, interactive and inspiring to all those present.

You set the relaxing tone for the talk  and the information received was invaluable to the attendees.  I would love to work with you again in 2018.

I sent an e-mail to all those present and below are the comments and insight gained from the session.

“I wish I could learn to be more like Angela”

“I did not understand how amazing mindful eating could be and this practice will be used in my life from now on”

“I learnt so much and the content was highly effective.  The session content will be put to good use going forward, thank you”

“I thought the talk was very inspiring and uplifting and a load of fun.  Angela’s tips were amazing . I would like to put them into practise and I have started doing that already and do it regularly. It just makes you more aware.  Thanks very much it was a great session”

“Thanks so much for this evening.  Since I do a lot of mindfulness meditation I went to support Doron.  I found Angela inspiring and am seriously considering doing one of her weekend retreats”

 “ I benefited from the session.  It certainly made me think about possibilities and changes”

We really appreciate that you made a difference in the lives of our ORT JET businesses and thank you once again for the session.
Tracey Catania
Training and Event Coordinator

They liked it so much they made a video, with permission from OrtJet, here it is:


1 week after our training, I ask for feedback on what has changed for the attendees. Here is some of that feedback:

“Angela, the experience exceeded any expectation I had. You and Brett are such a blessing and we are forever grateful.” Piet Van Der Merve MD Tecroveer

Hi Angela

From my side – the following has changed

  1. I stick to one task at a time, which makes me much more efficient.
  2. I have courage to say to someone  – wait I am just doing one thing right now – when I have done that I will come to you on the other thing.
  3. I have courage to say to my colleagues – you are busy with one thing – complete it first then lets move to the next thing.
  4. I have courage to say to my managers  – “I hear you – but lets get back to the truth and go from there”
  5. I have courage to leave James (one of my managers) alone and not worry about him or if he is getting along fine  – and he actually has checked in on me a lot in the last week whereas not before – so that is definitely working to give him his space
  6. When a situation arose at work this week, instead of taking it personally – even though it was starting to feel like that – decided not to think those thoughts – I did not manage on Friday though – had to fight a few tears back – but no judgement – just moved on – so that was great – to be in a place where I did not judge myself- and going forward in this situation, just acknowledging it is what it is and nothing personal.
  7. I don’t get worked up about any situations – it is what it is until it is something else if ever.
  8. I meditate daily so far.
  9. I eat at the table mostly now – I think a lot more about what I am eating and enjoy it more.
  10. I have been controlling thoughts and trying to impart that to our children – so we speak daily about brain farts and it makes it easier to say to them “oh stop brain farting now – it is what it is” than to get into a long involved emotional discussion.
  11. My family is also doing better as I am doing better.
  12. Life is still very busy and demanding, so it is great to find those quiet moments.
  13. Have also maintained the quiet mindful moment in our staff meetings last week and will do again this week.

I am so looking forward to seeing how this further impacts on me and my well being and my life going forward.

Thank you for an amazing time.
Kind regards
(MD Adim Department Meter Mate)

Dear Angie

To me it was a game changer. Before the training, I had before this problem of hitting back at the peak of an argument with someone and never waiting to first be in a clear mind to make a quality decision.I learnt that you can never make a quality decision with a dirty mind.

I learnt that when someone is having a bad day and they decided to vomit their poor quality mood at me, it was never about me but about them so I should not take it personally.

Happiness begins from inside out, I should not be affected external factors. Knowing that I had only a small control over a lot of this was a light bulb moment for me, and learning to increase awareness and and understand how the mind works was a thrilling moment.
Thanks Angie for a life transformation session

God bless.
Kind regards
Tech support

Dear Angie

For me it has really made me more aware, but even more than that, I just seem to have an easier way with being able to keep clear and sharing that message, especially with my family. Having the my bottle present is a reminder not to get all shook up and it was also a useful tool to show the family what we need to avoid doing so that was awesome.

I am buying into poor quality thinking less, I still get a bit upset by things at times, but not like I used to get carried away. But as much as its a choice, I just naturally feel less inclined to go down that path now.

It is changing my experience at work and at home. I think having done it with the people I work with also helps because it means that we all know what we know and that is useful, I think it would be powerful to have family ones too.

Thanks so much, you are an angel.

(Business owner (MWWC))

Hi Ang

Thank you for the weekend and for asking for feedback. I found the sessions that I was able to attend very interesting.

The changes that I’ve noted so far are that I’m more aware of when my head is making stories and of how I’m able to quite those stories – those moments when you are upset at work or are cut off in traffic sort of stuff.
I’m finding it’s easier to stop the stories and not allow them to affect me rather to just go on about what I’m doing.


Disclaimer: The journey of personal development, healing,  developing self esteem and self love are a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.

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