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“I have always loved to teach. I love learning something new, understanding how it works. I am fascinated in what makes us tick, how to put something into action, and if I find incredible value in that thing, I love to teach it to others. It makes me feel stimulated, exited and vividly alive. I get to teach others the things that make my experience of life fabulous, things that really turn me on. Ain’t life grand!” Angie


Angela does various training’s about the subjects she is most passionate about. She is a dynamic training and facilitator, who loves to create a fun and exiting environment to learn and grown in. Click on the links below to see what is scheduled.

Coaching Escapes

Several times a year, I take groups for an out of town coaching an growth experience. Part retreat, part training, these getaways are a wonderful escape from the daily grind, to a place where you can explore your heart and soul, get a deep understanding of your processors and set yourself free, all with careful, powerful guidance.

Self Love  escape – contact Angela for details

Coaching group

You can join my 4 month, weekly coaching group, where we get together once a week and do exercises, group work, use various powerful techniques to uncover, discover, heal and grow.  With a particular outcome in mind each time, these groups have are structured by Angela for your growth and learning, but have the additional the value of the group dynamic, support and learning from each other

Disclaimer: The journey of personal development, healing,  developing self esteem and self love are a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.

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