Self Esteem

As a Coach and Kinesiologist, I help my clients with a very wide verity of things in their lives, the thing we work most with is issues of self esteem, self worth and self confidence. Most of my clients are extremely successful, high flyers, who, at first glance, have the world at their feet. But it is not enough. Ultimately, we as humans long to feel loved and accepted, lovable and acceptable, and when our conditioning tells us we are not, then no amount of money and success changes that. “I will feel good about myself when I make x per year, or when I weigh x or when I have x or am loved by x” is an illusion that diverts us from the truth. No outside influence, or way you look or what you do will ever be enough to change your self esteem if it is low, because, while it seems like something to pin the “reason” to, it has nothing to do with how you feel about yourself.

The only way to change your self esteem is to unpack the myriad of beliefs, experiences and behaviors, that keep you stuck, to learn how to heal past hurts, and most important of all, to change (step by step) the way you have learned to think and process the cues of your environment. It is tough, perhaps even impossible, to do alone. Alone you function on what you know, and unfortunately you cannot know what you don’t know, until your coach helps you to see it. That new vision changes everything!

How do you know if you have low self esteem?
What causes low self esteem? 
What can I do about low self esteem? 

Disclaimer: The journey of personal development, healing,  developing self esteem and self love are a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.

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