Self esteem/self love quiz

We often think of low self esteem as showing up in a lack of confidence, shyness, and an unwillingness to put ourselves out there, but in fact a lack of self esteem and by extension, self acceptance and self love has so many more symptoms than that. It is only by learning to esteem, accept and love ourselves that we can overcome these issues in our lives.

Take the quiz below and see what shows up in your life.

Rate the following from 0 to 10      (0 = not an issue for me, 10 = this is a serious issue for me)

I often feel: 

_____ Worthlessness

_____ Anger

_____ Sadness

_____ Shyness

_____ Loneliness

_____ Fear of rejection

_____ Fear of failure

_____ Social anxiety

_____ Insecurity in relationships

_____ Anxiety over humiliation

_____ Inferior to those around me

_____ Self hate

_____ Over sensitivity to others

_____ Over sensitivity to criticism

_____ Fear and anxiety over a powerless to change anything in my world

_____ Fear or anxiety over my lack of control over the world around me

_____ Hurt

_____ Like I don’t deserve to be happy

_____ Like other people dislike me

_____ Like my opinion does not matter to others

_____ Hard done by

_____ Like I don’t fit in

_____ Fear repercussions

_____ I am not good enough

_____ Nothing I ever do is good enough

I often:

____ Tiptoe around so as not to piss someone off.

____ Compare myself unfavorably with others

____ Think there is nothing special about me

____ Question everything I do

____ Lack confidence

____ Feel like I serve no purpose on earth/no value

____ Can’t express myself in company

____ Put myself down

____ Consider my successes due to luck

____ Blame myself when something goes wrong

____ Get angry and nasty with myself if I make a mistake

____ Can’t give an honest critisism of others to their face, even if they ask me what I think

____Can’t leave bad relationships

____ Suffer from panic or anxiety attacks when I do something I think is stupid

____ Find it hard to say no

____ Get overly embarrassed, devastated humiliated or depressed when you make a mistake

____ Don’t do new things to avoid looking foolish or inept

____ Don’t speak up in case I say something wrong

____ Don’t know what to say or do or wear

____ Don’t trust my decisions

____ Test love and devotion of people with unreasonable expectations for the outcome

____ Live more to avoid pain for failure or humiliation than to experience joy

____ Am extremely judgemental and critical about myself and my success

____Very concerned about the criticism and judgement of others

____ Not accepting of myself

____ Don’t not even like myself


I exhibit:

____ Workaholic behaviours

____ Poor boundaries

____ Self sabotaging behaviours

____ Over or underachieving

____Obsessive, compulsive or addictive behaviours

___ Lack of assertiveness

____ Poor body image

____ Perfectionism

____ Hyper vigilance

____ Weight problems

____ People pleasing behaviour

____ Excessive consideration for others

____ A lack of courage

____ Thinking that something needs to change in me to be happy

____ Need to prove myself time and time again (to myself or others alive or dead)

The statements above speak to some of the issues people struggle with when they do not have self-worth / self-esteem, or self-love.
If you find that your numbers are generally higher than 3, these are areas you should definitely do some work on. If you find that your numbers are over 5 and up to 10 you will certainly find that these issues are affecting your ability to enjoy your life, and feel confident and secure about yourself. Unfortunately, it is hard to do this kind of work alone, so consider working with someone, like me who specializes in realizing your worth and value.

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