What causes low self esteem?

Your level of self esteem has got to do with 3 things


Especially childhood experiences of bullying or loving, epic fails or successes, how you have been treated by family, all give you an image of who you are and how you fit into your world as a child. We carry this into our adulthood, and never question it’s validity.

Cultural influence is a very strong determinant of our self esteem. Racism, sexism, religion, how your culture treats your role or status in society all influence how we feel about ourselves.

How we are taught to think about ourselves and others by our parents and teachers and elders, is also very NB

They way we perceive what happens around us and to us, our own interpretation of what it all means in relation to ourselves, is very influential on our self esteem. Our own belief systems are integral to our level of self esteem.

All of these influences add up to how we feel about ourselves, mostly because we buy into them, in a deeply unconscious way. They become part of the fabric of our thinking and experience of the world and because  we don’t question them they stick, and influence everything without us even knowing.

Self esteem coaching works on uncovering and re-assessing, and healing these old beliefs, patterns and hurts, so that they no longer have the power to keep you down. For more on how to get self esteem coaching click here

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