Super sensitivity test

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Super Sensitivity Test Taker

Thomas J. Leonard

Notes to the Test Taker: This is a series of 100 statements regarding all aspects of SuperSensitivity. If you take this test honestly, you should how SuperSensitive you are. It is not a checklist of what to do with your SuperSensitivity; it simply measures one’s degree of SuperSensitivity.

The real authority on this subject is Elaine Aron, PhD, who wrote the best selling book “The Highly Sensitive Person.” You can order the book from or pick it up at your local bookstore.

You’ll be giving yourself a score for each of the following statements, as follows:

0 = Not True, 1/4 = Somewhat True, 1/2 = True, 3/4 = Very True, 1 = Extremely True

Note: You may have learned how to cope or ‘get beyond’ some of the things mentioned in the following 100 questions. In this case, please score yourself as if you still have the habit, problem or item.

Remember, this is not a test to see how well you are able to manage your life; it’s a test to see how sensitive you are.

***** Please note that each word in the sentence matters, especially words like ‘very’ or ‘frequently’ or ‘need’ or ‘much.’ The maximum possible score is 100.

Any score above 70 clearly indicates a Super Sensitive Person. 60-70 indicates Fairly Sensitive, 40-60 indicates Somewhat Sensitive and 0-40 indicates Not Really Sensitive.

The focus of the test is to help the SuperSensitive confirm that they are SuperSensitive and to be an affirming exercise, given they will ‘see themselves’ more clearly. The phrasing I’ve used should help the SuperSensitive Person realize just how normal they are, given they are an SSP!

Copyright 1997 by Thomas J. Leonard, Coach University. All rights reserved, but you may freely reproduce or transmit if attribution is given. The website was developed by Thomas J. Leonard, who is an SSP. His score on this test was 88.5 Super Sensitivity Test Taker Thomas J. Leonard

My Experience of Childhood

  1. I was the one who was often called a crybaby by my family, friends or schoolmates
  2. I frequently overreacted (either internally or externally) to situations or people when I felt that I needed something but they couldn’t/wouldn’t provide it for me.
  3. I was much more afraid or fearful of new places, situations or people, than others were, even if there was no apparent threat.
  4. I found myself often feeling overwhelmed when in busy or loud environments, such as shopping centers, parks or classrooms.
  5. I couldn’t understand why the other kids my age could be so confident or fearless.
  6. I found it very difficult to learn certain skills or grasp information/schoolwork that I knew wasn’t that difficult, but that I just couldn’t get without a lot of effort.
  7. My parents had a very difficult/frustrating time with me and/or had to work extra hard in order to take care of my emotional needs.
  8. I was extremely shy on the inside, even if I did force myself to relate with others.
  9. I found it almost impossible to say what I really meant without it coming out a mush.
  10. I was very tentative or hesitant, even in situations that were perfectly safe.

______Section Point Total Super Sensitivity Test Taker Thomas J. Leonard

The Choices I Made During Childhood

  1. I definitely avoided sports or games as a child and/or adult, or would have, if I felt that I had the choice.
  2. The need to stay safe was an overriding concern or priority.
  3. I tended to have none, one or two friends who were very close to me. Beyond that, almost no one.
  4. I knew at an early age that the world wasn’t for getting too involved with; I had to have my own life, mostly inside myself or physically inside.
  5. I often took great steps to avoid the anger or moods of others, such as going elsewhere, or retreating to a super safe place of my own.
  6. I decided that people were to be approached cautiously, given I couldn’t predict if they would like me or how they would react if they got to know me.
  7. I realized early on that I did poorly under pressure, so I went out of my way to fully prepare for tests or new situations.
  8. As a child, I lived in fear, although I got used to it and could cope pretty well.
  9. When I was doted upon by SuperSensitive adults, their nurturing meant the world to me; far more than the attention of others.
  10. I look back to a select few who ‘understood me’ and to whom I give credit even now for ‘keeping me alive.’

______Section Point Total Super Sensitivity Test Taker Thomas J. Leonard

How I Experience Life In General

  1. I am easily hurt by things that don’t seem to hurt others at all.
  2. I find myself having very intense feelings (positive or negative), which often fade away within a day and I wonder why it seemed to matter so much at the time.
  3. I tend to be strongly affected by events that happened a long time ago and I still emotionally and even physically feel the feelings that I experienced when the negative event occurred, even if it occurred many years, or decades, ago.
  4. It is/was very difficult for me to find the right type of work that was fulfilling, yet challenging and that tapped into my sensitivity enough for the nature of the work to matter.
  5. I am/was very much aware of my fears or I talk about fear a lot as a subject matter.
  6. I’d rather miss out on a real opportunity than to take a risk that I may make a big mistake in the process.
  7. My avocation or vocation is that of a writer, artist, librarian/information expert, advisor/counselor or any other profession which is not aggressive or in which I would encounter the kind of conflict that I would fear or dread.
  8. I am coming to realize that my extreme sensitivity is a gift; I only wish it came with exact instructions. I can see the possibility of orienting my life around this trait, instead of merely ‘managing it.’
  9. I find that I can’t/won’t do business with vendors/suppliers who won’t take extra care with me or who don’t value my sense of perfection.
  10. I am extremely careful to arrange my environment to suit me perfectly; I know that without that I quickly lose my sense of balance and safety.

______Section Point Total Super Sensitivity Test Taker Thomas J. Leonard

How I Relate With Others

  1. I find myself emulating those who I admire; I want to be more like them.
  2. I find it naturally difficult to look others in the eye on a regular basis.
  3. I am eager to please, far more than most.
  4. I feel strongly that I want to offer the best possible advice or counsel that exists, even if it means lots of studying or preparing to reach this wise state; I feel that it’s my duty, obligation or opportunity and that it matters a lot.
  5. If I failed once with a person, I find it very difficult to ever forget it. When I am with them, I tend to be reminded of it, on my own.
  6. I need to isolate myself, or at least not socialize, when I have been overexposed to stimuli, even if it was for a short period.
  7. I feel that people are measuring or judging me more than they really are.
  8. I easily anticipate what people are feeling and what they are going to do next.
  9. Meeting new people is really a challenge, or at least it takes something out of me and I have to recover in my own way.
  10. I go out of my way to make people comfortable and put them at ease; I know how I’d feel if I was them.

______Section Point Total Super Sensitivity Test Taker Thomas J. Leonard

Physical Clues

  1. I had/have a deer-in-headlights look some or much of the time.
  2. I walk/walked with my eyes/head more down than up.
  3. I stood/stand somewhat sideways when speaking with another person.
  4. I often have/had a woeful/sad/abandoned/lonely/scared look in my eyes.
  5. My heart starts to beat really rapidly – pounding, really — when I become frightened.
  6. I instantly break out in a cold sweat when I feel threatened, even if the threat is not even real.
  7. I blush easily when embarrassed and cast my eyes and head downward.
  8. When I feel pressured, watched or measured, I immediately lose my concentration and/or begin to tremble, just because.
  9. I tend to be clumsy or awkward when using my body — at the very least I’m not naturally coordinated, although I get by.
  10. I am like a cat: cautious, wary, easily alarmed.

______Section Point Total Super Sensitivity Test Taker Thomas J. Leonard

Relating With My Environment

  1. I notice the details or subtleties of things around me far more than others do, such as trees/nature, weather, layout of rooms, people’s moods/energy, colors, textures and/or temperature.
  2. I find myself inexplicably very tired or drained after being in a chaotic or busy environment for more than several hours.
  3. I find myself needing to be in a quiet and/or dark room like my bedroom, away from everything, at least once a week, for no apparent reason.
  4. I feel waves of relief when I ‘get through’ a difficult experience, more than the situation seemed to merit.
  5. I feel/have felt the need to carefully and deeply craft and design my physical environment so that I feel perfectly safe, protected from the unexpected.
  6. I feel that I must be ‘taking in’ a lot from my environment — even things I’m unaware of — because it affects me so.
  7. I easily see how other peoples’ environments are directly affecting them, even when the person can’t see it themselves.
  8. I don’t like to learn by memorization. Rather, I need to feel the information so that I just ‘know it.” It’s like I learn through my pores.
  9. It takes me longer than most to recover from physical stress like flying (jet lag) or a to new environment. Sometimes I have to nap to adjust.
  10. I am extremely aware of people, places and things, especially when something moves or changes or the pattern is different than I expected.

______Section Point Total Super Sensitivity Test Taker Thomas J. Leonard

How I React

  1. I feel/felt feel an inordinate amount of shame, even for things that shouldn’t matter
  2. I often cry at almost anything that reminds me of difficult times in childhood or even adulthood, or of people who I cared for deeply because they protected me.
  3. I am sometimes frightened by the intensity of my emotions or feelings; I feel so much.
  4. I am prone to becoming depressed.
  5. I overreact frequently and experience many false alarms.
  6. I feel dread much more than others, and I even dread feeling dread.
  7. I tend to shut down mentally, physically or emotionally when I get over stimulated; I must stop, retreat or escape. I must.
  8. When an idea comes to me I often ruminate and ‘play’ with it, in order to see all sides of it so that I’ll be in a good position to do the right thing with it when the time is right.
  9. I don’t just drink coffee in order to get a physical buzz; I drink it (or other drinks containing caffeine) in order to keep my emotional state in peak readiness.
  10. When I become adrenalined up, I can’t calm down and it may take 3-4 days of extreme calmness to get back to that quiet state that I know is ‘me.’

______Section Point Total Super Sensitivity Test Taker Thomas J. Leonard

How Stimulation Affects Me

  1. When I listen to music, it greatly affects me– to the point of taking over my body, mind and heart and not just altering my mood but altering ME.
  2. I must have regular/frequent solitude in order to feel balanced and function well.
  3. Even if I like television a lot, I KNOW that it has move of an affect on me that I can ‘afford.’
  4. I startle easily and physically jump or jolt, especially when I am concentrating deeply.
  5. Almost everything is a source of stimulation for me, whether I recognize it in time or not.
  6. I understand the need to carefully regulate how much stimulation I receive. If I receive too much, I know that I’ll have to deal with an extended recovery period.
  7. I can get worked up in an instant and not be able to calm myself down.
  8. I have to cover my ears when I hear a siren coming my way because I’ll feel ‘piercing’ to the depth of my bones if I don’t.
  9. When I am around loud or hyper people, I find myself trying to keep up with them or perhaps defending myself against them, often unconsciously. It’s like I am attracted to their power, personality, character trait or style and I want a piece of it for my life.
  10. I am often surprised by how things that affect me greatly can have almost no impact on others.

______ Section Point Total Super Sensitivity Test Taker Thomas J. Leonard

How I Perceive Myself & My Related Traits

  1. I often wonder if, or feel strongly that, I must have a fatal flaw, because I am so sensitive.
  2. I am so powerfully intuitive that even intuitive people seek me out for my observations or thoughts.
  3. I have always been, or felt, extremely creative. I cannot not create and people ask me how I do it.
  4. I often reflect on the days’ events or issues, or how I am developing as a person.
  5. I strive to better things around me and reduce the problems that people are suffering from, because I feel these problems so deeply myself.
  6. My self-esteem is not naturally high. It seems like I have to keep filling it up.
  7. I long or used to long to be like those who are much more outgoing because it seemed that they can get/do what they want without hesitation or delay.
  8. I know that my sensitivity is a good thing, but it often seems a lot bigger than I am. I feel like the tail of the dog, with the dog being my sensitivity.
  9. I feel that my life is much richer that others think it must be. It really is, no matter how it might look to others.
  10. I have often felt that if I was less sensitive that I’d have been much more successful in the traditional sense.

______Section Point Total Super Sensitivity Test Taker Thomas J. Leonard

How Others View Me

  1. Others have often called me gifted, even though I wonder if that’s really the case.
  2. I tend to be viewed as unsociable; I’m not one to want to be in a lot of other people’s company.
  3. People tend call me a visionary because I often think of what the future will bring.
  4. People think that I care about things far too much.
  5. People who are less sensitive find dealing with me a lot of ‘extra’ work and usually tire of it.
  6. I do know that others perceive me as different and I don’t blame them; I am.
  7. I often wonder if I’ll ever be able to design and live my life in such a way so that satisfies me that I won’t care at all what others think of me, my sensitivity or my life.
  8. People tend to take pity on me because I am so sensitive. Sometimes I feel like a petted animal.
  9. People trust me to do a good job; they know that I’m focused on doing things right, on my own.
  10. People who aren’t very sensitive tend to make fun of me, perhaps because I am so different.

______Section Point Total

______Grand Total Score from all 10 Sections

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