Your perfection

I have had an inspirational weekend, and am having a wonderful day. My first client of the morning told me that my wisdom is awesome – Why, well it is true that I am on fire today – exited and enthusiastic and brimming with energy, but what really struck her was the metaphor of the fossilized poop that I told to explain the process of  what we are doing in our transformation sessions together. She said, I feel like I am almost fixed, I said – let’s reword that …. there is how the conversation went:

When we are born, we are essentially perfectly ourselves. There is the divine light in us of the essence of who we really are, with out all the “stuff” that shapes our lack of self love, our need to be more and better and proving, and our beliefs about our ok-ness. Picture this: Along the journey of our lives, we had experiences, learned things, and developed a thought or belief way that took us away from being able to see and tap into being that essential self. Each of those experiences, lessons, thought or beliefs were like a spade full of poop, being dumped over that spark of self, and left there to petrify. Our bright spark of an essence was lost under a huge pile of petrified poop, until we couldn’t see it anymore, didn’t know how to find it or access it,couldn’t remember what it felt like. Now every experience is viewed, and lived through a pile of petrified poop.
When I work with clients on their self esteem/worth or love, we come with the the premise that there is nothing wrong, nothing that needs fixing. All that needs to happen is to scrap back layer after layer of petrified poop, with a new understanding of how life actually works, and new insights as to what that poop has really been, until, your essential self is freed up again, and they can have a joyful experience of being themselves again.


Disclaimer: The journey of personal development, healing,  developing self esteem and self love are a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.

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