It can be lonely at the top. Lonely, stressful and isolating.

When you are responsible for everything and everyone, from your business, your staff and family, to your own performance it can be very helpful to have someone completely separate from it all to chat to.
I am masterful at those chats, in fact they are a bit of a super power of mine.

  • Sometimes you just need to off load. You probably recognize that when you offload with the wrong person, issues seem to get bigger, more dramatic and less solvable. But if you chose wisely and off load with the right person, your focus quickly shifts from the “bitching and whining frustration or anger” to the “I know what to do and I am ready to take action, and instead of feeling worse you leave them feeling more positive and empowered.
  • Sometimes you have issues that need solving at work or in your personal life. I happen to know that you already know the answers, but sometimes you need someone to ask the right questions or feedback what is going on for you to help you to get out of your buzz around the issue and into accessing your brilliant wisdom.
  • Sometimes you are just hectic over-whelmed and stressed. Too much to do and too little time. No more talk! I have mad kinesiology skills that can literally re-wire your nervous system, so when it’s all hitting the fan we don’t chat at all, we get into the body and make shift happen.

    After years working with people just like you, I know that just because you are making a bucket load of money are madly successful at work and have the perfect family on paper does not mean that you have got it all together or feel fabulous about your life every day. I also know that there are not many people you are willing to talk to that you would allow to know that. If you, like them need someone with some mad skills to talk, who can gently and lovingly help you live your best life with ease, someone to help you when you are feeling most vulnerable, stressed out, defensive and under pressure, and who you can have genuinely good time doing it with, then this many be the solution for you too.

    As it happens, I know something you don’t know about the nature of thinking and how it creates our emotional experience of life, and that is something you will start to learn and master though our time together. The result is that life starts to feel a whole lot easier, simpler, and much, much more fun.

    In these conversations, chatting about the design of life itself, high performers like you end up finding more joy and satisfaction in life, get over their angst around money stuff, enjoying work more, get much better at their relationships at work and at home, stop being angry, irritated and stressed, and learning to love life, and themselves.

If you thing you will find value in a confidant who you can off load on, do some work with, and have great conversations with about how to live life more fluidly and happily, contact me to set up a discover session and let’s see how we gel.