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Should I prepare for a session?
There is really not much to do to prepare for a session other then filling out a couple of forms. It would be valuable however, if you spend some time brewing on some of the areas in your life where you are feeling stuck.

Can you describe what actually happens in a session?
Along with a wide variety of “corrections” that the Kinesiologist will be using, it can be of great value to make a connection between the issue that you have come to deal with and any emotional or survival information that it may be related to, that is sitting in your unconscious mind and in the bio-computer of our body, that may be stopping you from healing, or getting past an issue in your life.

For a first timer, the process of the Kinesiology session is extremely hard to pin down. There is so much going on, on different levels, that as a client you are just not going to understand. Let me give you a tiny example….

A client comes in with pain in the shoulder, during the session the Kinesiologist may rub some points on the chest and back, they may ask the client to move their eyes around in a circle clock wise and anti-clock wise, they may ask them to walk march on the spot (these are some of the “corrections” referred to earlier. They come from a huge spectrum of different modalities.) The Kinesiologist is also likely to ask them to think about certain “information” that comes up during the session. For instance, “how does this word or paragraph relate to the issue that we are dealing with today?”

To the layman, it is impossible to know just why are are being asked to march on the spot for instance, but the Kinesiologist knows to use this correction as a result of testing your body and that this correction that will help your brain to integrate information between the 2 hemispheres. It is actually not at all important that you understand what the Kinesiologist is doing with the hundreds of “corrections” available to them. What is important for you, is what links you make between your emotional states, information about things that have happened in the past and what you are dealing with today. Even this information is not something that you necessarily need to fully understand during the session. The important thing it that we bring it to the attention of your brain, in connection with the issue that you are dealing with. This gives the brain the ability to put 2 and 2 together, and unlock the healing potential of your body, sometimes is really dramatic ways.

What is muscle testing?
Muscle testing is the primary tool that a Kinesiologist uses to get information from the innate intelligence system of your body – your bodies bio-computer. We Kineopractors use is for everything, from finding out what corrections your body needs, to finding information that you need to connect with, to checking what you need to do at home to support the process.
It works as follows: the Kinesiologist gently pushes against a muscle (usually we use the muscle of your forearm), and you gently hold against that push to keep the forearm from moving. It is not a test of strength. What happens is that when your system is not stressed, you are easily able to hold the arm steady, but the moment something interferes with that circuit between the arm and your brain (stresses the system), your muscle will lose power and respond to the gentle pressure that the Kinesiologist is placing on it by dipping down. Testing a muscle in this way, indicates to the Kinesiologist what your body needs in the session – from what corrections to use, what age the issue is related to in your lifetime, what information you need to consider to help you to heal.

The beauty of kinesiology, and its use of muscle testing, is that you find out exactly what is applicable to you and your body.  Instead of  trying many different approaches to restore health and well-being to your life, and never quite knowing what is and isn’t working;  muscle monitoring makes it possible to assess what exactly is right for you as the unique individual that you are.  No two people have the same life-story and in the same way, no two people have the same story behind whatever is causing discomfort or distress.  Muscle monitoring makes it possible to identify the unique story.
What are the after effects of a session going to be?
This is a very important question to consider when booking a Kinesiology session. It is impossible to say exactly what the after effects will be, because each individual session is very different. Sometimes you will walk out of a session feeling amazing and full of energy, sometimes you are emotionally and physically tired and need to be gentle on yourself for a week before your energy is fully recovered.

Here are some of the responses I myself, and my clients have experienced after a first session.

“I felt reborn – my lagging energy was renewed and I was full of beans”
“My muscle spasm of years and years was completely gone, and did not come back at all after only one session”
“I felt emotionally exhausted and was blue for the rest of the week, something really shifted.”
“I feel as though I have understood something really important, but wow, it has been emotionally hard work”
“My flexibility and pain is much better, I am looking forward to further improvements in the next session”

What is important here, is that you should please be aware of the phenomenon known as a “healing crisis”. Although you will by no means encounter it every time you have a session, this is something common to therapies where the body is put in a position to heal itself. It is quite possible to feel worse before you feel better. Though often unpleasant, this healing crisis is a sure sign that something is working – that’s good news! For long term illness, the body is considered to heal from the inside out, and the body will often throw up several healing crisis’ just as your starting to feel at your best. The symptoms will often represent some part of the progression of the disease over the years, as it has become chronic, they are often very uncomfortable, accompanied by the flow of mucus.  These episodes are a step forward in healing, not a step back, and as uncomfortable as they are, should be welcomed. The body is now strong enough to eliminate those toxins stored in and around weak tissue, that were suppressed previously. Medicating the flow of mucus to suppress it, is a mistake – is will lead to suppression again, and back to the path of chronic illness.

How many sessions will I need?
It is hard to say how many sessions you will need exactly. For longer standing issues, we may take around 4 sessions, for some things one session is sufficient. (We use the muscle testing technique to establish whether we need another session as we go, so it is your body that tells us whether you need to continue on for another session, and when.)
How effective each session is, can have a lot to do with your willingness to explore an issue and make lifestyle changes, so, your commitment to your own healing is critical.

How long it takes to heal is also hard to say. You may feel immediate benefits by the time you walk out the door, or your body may be just beginning to heal as a result of the session, and you could see the effects over an extended time. Homeopaths maintain that for every year month you have had a condition, you should allow at least a month to heal. Some say that healing from a chronic (long term) condition can take as long as 5 years.

Sometimes there is instant healing, sometimes not. But don’t be disappointed if you do not see instant miraculous healing.

Is it guaranteed to make me well?
Remember this is a technique that stimulates your own self healing. There may be times that we are just not ready to heal, sometimes our body does not have it in us to heal (for example many people have survived cancers, what have killed others). Sometimes it is just too useful or socially powerful to stay unwell, so that we cannot or are unwilling to allow ourselves to heal. Some clients are not willing to do what it takes, change their lives, they are looking for a magic bullet, someone to do it for them. Healing is a function of the conscious and unconscious mind’s connection with the healing capacity of the body. I have had clients who cannot or will not let something go, they are just not ready or willing. They want someone else to fix their lives, without them having to take a part. Without that, they cannot become well. However, it is rare. Mostly, by the time someone comes to see me, they are well ready to do whatever is needed to heal. We each walk our own healing journey. Kinesiology is not about being healed by someone else. To properly heal, we must be completely engaged and be willing to walk the healing journey, and do what it takes to become well.

What is Mind Body Medicine ?

The premise of mind-body healing is that the mind and body are intrinsically interlinked in terms of health and illness. The body in specifically designed to heal itself, for which it requires an overall state of structural, chemical and emotional balance. Our bodies are self-regulating and have the innate capacity to heal themselves.  Plasters and ointments don’t heal cuts and bruises;  the body does. This illustrates the self healing capacities of the body. Sometimes the inner mechanisms for this self-regulation become blocked compromising our ability to heal. A Kinesiology works to reinstate this balance so that the body can go ahead and heal itself naturally.  Click here for more on how mind body medicine works

Using the verification tool of muscle-monitoring we identify the cause and appropriate correction for those imbalances and blockages.  As our perceptions and innate healing capacities move into a state of balance:  ease, well-being and an improved quality of life become available again.

Kinesiology is not a substitute for western medicine, and we don’t diagnose illness. Kinesiology accesses the innate intelligence of the body, establishing what the body needs to support its healing process. In this way Kinesiology addresses the actual problem that the body is dealing with rather then just medicating the symptoms.

From Candice Pert (research scientist) about mind body:

Reading on the Science of mind body medicineMolecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine (9780684846347): Candace B. Pert: Books. from

“There are those that consider all natural healing techniques, including the theories of mind body medicine to be quackery. Of course we don’t want to be taken advantage of, and we find it difficult to trust things we did not grow up with and don’t know anything about.
Let me say this. We know that the body is designed to heal itself. There is a great deal of perfectly legitimate published scientific research about how it goes about doing that, and what effect the myriad of chemicals we produce daily have on our body’s systems (see ref for more reading below).  It is precisely because of the fact that out body produces all of these chemicals, and has a system by which they are taken up and used in the body, that drugs that are administered by allopathic medicine can work in our bodies.

I, myself am not anti allopathic medicine at all. However, when it comes my own healing I consider the following:
– There is not a single drug that you buy on the market, with out a nasty potential side effect, (even the simple paracetamol – just search for poisoning, addictions, overdose info on the web),
– Your body can, if it is working correctly heal itself of a great many of the illness you are every likely to encounter, even those that allopathic medicine is only able to medicate the symptoms of (eczema, asthma are good examples)
– Drug companies are constantly frustrated with the Placebo effect messing with their drug testing – which means that they can’t tell if a drug is working or not, when people who are given a sugar tablet are spontaneously becoming well. Shouldn’t we be asking how they are spontaneously becoming well?! Oh yes, how naive of me, there is no perpetual income in that.

For me the options are simple. I would rather cure an allergy naturally or at the very least know what I am sensitive to, and stay away from it, then take antihistamines to suppress my immune response every time I encounter something that does not agree with me, or worse take medication like Cortisone with all their known side effects.
I would rather find a natural way to help my own body to cure depression or pain or anxiety or whatever, then live with the problem year in and year out, while downing medication with horrible side effects.

If you want to take responsibility for your own health and healing, kinesiology is an amazingly effective way of doing it. After all doctors say that 90% on the patients they see has a problem related emotional stress. Is it a guaranteed cure-all? Of course not. Have I seen amazing results and cures in all sorts of circumstances – absolutely.

Reading on the Science of mind body medicineMolecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine (9780684846347): Candace B. Pert: Books. from


Disclaimer: The journey of personal development, healing,  developing self esteem and self love are a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.

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