Kinesiology for Pain

Kinesiology for pain

Kinesiology can be a very successfull treatment for physical pain where other treatments have failed. Part of the reason for this, is that the body often manifests pain for all sorts of reasons, apart from the obvious.

Why does kinesiology work so well for pain? Well, it is impossible to be specific because each case is unique, but in general terms:

Pain is a message that something is not right – in kinesiology we would say that something is “out of balance”. It could be that there is something out physically, in your healing system, or emotionally, which in turn affects your healing system, or muscularly, which creates stain.

With the kinesiology, we are able to identify what the body needs to return it to balance, and by applying those corrections, the body is in a position to heal, and the pain goes away.

Now the western medicine health system, has not allowed for the fact that something out of balance emotionally may be the cause of physical pain, so it may seem like a strange concept. But we know that the mind and the body are not separate systems, they are intrinsically connected. So for example, when we are feeling really angry, it is not only in our heads that we feel that anger, but right down to our finger tips with a myriad of physical sensations and physical changes. It is in a similar way that your body can make use pain to express any emotional issue.

It may seem completely unrelated that some stressful situation say with a client, while being in a certain physical posture on one day can lead to onset of pain in the shoulder a couple of months later apparently unrelated and out of the blue, but I can attest to the fact that I happened to me. That “injury” lasted 6 months! It was fixed in a single kinesiology session, and never reappeared. Psychosomatic you say – indeed! Caused by the emotional centres in the brain, connected to the physical body, pumping out neuro peptides, and locked into a physical posture – you would be surprised at how often that happens.

So what about an actual injury – playing golf, and twisting your ankle. No problem, your torn muscle should be able to rebuild itself effectively within about 6 weeks. But, if 3 months later it is still sore, that indicates that in some area the body did not have the resources necessary to do the job.  Something is out of balance! It could be anything from the emotional stress of the incident still lingering, to not having the building blocks (correct nutrition) available to heal. It could be a problem with the energy system, or a recoil response that the survival brain, has held onto. There are any number of reasons. Kinesiology can put the body back into balance, so that is can go ahead and heal.

Sometimes it is a more chronic degenerative issue, that causes the pain, that the body simply does not have the resources to heal under any circumstances. Kinesiology is unlikely to cure that, however under some circumstances, it can be a useful tool in managing the pain by reducing pain in areas around the degeneration that are put out of balance by the strain the body is under in managing the degeneration.


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