The Art Of Life

“Some doors only open from the inside.”
Welcome to The art of life where I share my musings and some of the insights that have changed my life. I hope that they can inspire and help you on your own journey.

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DSTV Real Health Show interview ” Our strengths and weaknesses are 2 sides of the same coin”

To learn to love myself unconditionally, I had to un-learn almost everything I thought I knew about how to be safe, acceptable, sufficient, love-able. It was though the unlearning, and discovering a new Truth, not through becoming more or better, that everything changed in my life. Here are some of the things I learned and the things that changed and why life rocks for me since I discovered that Truth. This is part 1 and part 2

How can I find peace, and security when things are so uncertain?

The wisdom of a meditation master, tells us the art of how to find peace, comfort and well being in a time when there is no security or certainty.

Dr Robin Kohler is a Naturopath, Iridologiest and functional Medicine practitioner. In this interview we will be chatting to him about the extraordinary capacity our bodies have to repair and heal themselves, and how to give it the tools it needs to do the job.

Its simple cause and effect

If the cause of your emotional state was no mystery to you, there would be no confusion as to how to live free.

You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that got you there.

There is a subtle art in working with our thoughts and the emotions that follow, here is how to do it.

Art of life explorations: Nianell and Angie talk about their own journeys to happiness

Meet Nianell, celebrated singer songwriter and inspired life coach. We chat about our philosophies, our own journeys, and some of the ways we work to help our clients find happiness, contentment and self-love in a crazy world.

It’s so much easier then you think

The myth is that personal transformation/changing the way we are in the world takes hard work, a long time, and years of therapy. But actually, a simple change of beliefs creates instantaneous easy change.

Thought control?

The art of life, is not about controlling your thoughts, it’s about knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.

Loving what you are.

The problem in getting self-love and self-acceptance is not “how do you become a person that is worth while and lovable”, it’s about “how to learn to love what is already”. You are a diamond beneath a pile of horse shit, you just have know how to scrape off shit, not how to be a better diamond.

Dodging dodgy feelings

Trying to dodge uncomfortable feelings can seriously limit our way of moving through the world. The art of life is not about not having bad feeling, or solving the problem, it’s about not minding that you have it, and not engaging.

You are where you put your attention.

Do you feel good in yourself or are you constantly distressed by the state of the world? Are you an energy vampire or do people feel good around you? If you want to know how to be happier, and a pleasure to be with, watch this video.

Time to dump your oldest friend.

You have come a long way babe, and yet, your oldest friends still think of you like they did when they knew you back then. Well your single oldest friend is the worst of the lot, and she/he needs to go.

The things you will need to give up

The scary short list of some of the things you are going to have to give up if you want to learn to love yourself.

Set yourself free from Anger immediately and forever introduction video

Find out all about my “Set yourself free from Anger immediately and forever transformation program”. If you suffer from anger, this course, available one-on-one or on-line will change your life forever.

The difference between pointless worry, and making a plan.

We are often seduced by the idea that our thinking and the consequential angst is somehow serving a purpose. What if that’s not true?

The secret to rapid change

There is a secret to getting rapid results. If you want to make a change in the way you do life, there is a secret that you really need to know. If you get this right you have the capacity for instantaneous change, but if you remain misdirected, you will search your whole life for the answers and never find them.

What exactly is freaking you out?

If you are stressed or freaked out about something, this video blog will help you to identify wasteful worry, stress or fear that is burning up your mental airtime and making it impossible to be happy and well in the moment, and something really going on, right now, that you need to respond to.

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