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Angela Hardy

Testimonials from Clients of Angela Hardy

When Monica first came to see me she was unhappy. Her relationship with her husband was extremely strained and on the verge of divorce. She felt worthless. What happened next was wonderful.

Bernice has struggled for most of her life with depression, a lack of self-worth, anxiety, and a lack of self-love. The extraordinary woman just could not see herself and love herself as others saw and loved her. What a fabulous transformation she underwent with me. 

Meet Dylan. When He first came to see me he was stuck in a cycle of self-hatred and low self-value, trying to solve it from the outside in. In this beautiful and vulnerable testimonial to the work we did together, he speaks about his journey and how things changed for him.

 When Kyra first came to me, she struggled with everyday anxiety. It was present in every part of her life, ruining her quality of life. In our work together, we not only changed the unconscious programming that was causing the everyday anxiety, she also learned how to deal with the normal occasional moments of anxiety that come up for everyone, without letting herself spiral out of control.

Meet Paige, after spending a year in therapy, struggling with depression and a lack of motivation, passion and drive, she came to me for 3 months to learn how to become the kind of Mind Ninja who loves life, and is passionate about what is coming next and what she is going to do with it.

At only 21 years old, Wendy has stepped up to transforming her inner life, her reactions to the world, her capacity for emotional intelligence, resilience and happiness. She came to me feeling super sensitive and reactive. Our work together gave her confidence, and a connection to the person she really is when her negative self-talk is no longer in control of her. She is thriving, her relationships are thriving, and I am so very proud of her.

“Highly recommend this experience. It will change your life for the better.

Praniel Kalidas

“Highly recommend this experience. It will change your life for the better.

Praniel Kalidas

“If you look up the meaning of the name “Angela” the description is “Divine Messenger”

This is very fitting as Angela is indeed one of those earth angels that come into your life to not only help you overcome life’s struggles but flourish and grow into a person who believes in their own limitless potential.

She’s a beautiful soul who touches the lives of all who are fortunate enough to meet her. I can’t say enough of what a powerful and positive impact she has had on me. You have to find out for yourself.

Leigh Globisch

“Angela is exceptional at what she does and you couldn’t be in better hands to uncover all the layers of yourself, for yourself, with a little help from a friend 🙂 she is warm and welcoming while being gifted with exceptional objective capabilities.

Would recommend her coaching and “re-programming” to anyone wishing to welcome wisdom and self-liberation into their lives.”

Genevieve Gouws


When Annelise started working with me she was feeling very stuck in her career, and struggling with depression and a lack of self worth. Today this magnificent woman has blossomed into her true self, someone who knows her value, feels confident and capable of taking on the world. What a great story of transformation.

Daniel struggled with high levels of anxiety, painful self-doubt and a lack of confidence in himself. He was living a life of quiet desperation, hoping, but not trusting that there would be a way out for him. His journey to peace, self acceptance and happiness has been epic. Here is what he had to say about working with Angela

This incredible woman fought her way to success, but found that it didn’t bring her the happiness and freedom she had hoped it would. Our work together pointed her in the direction that happiness really comes from. Now she is loving her life! I loved working with the incredible, powerful, beautiful woman! This is what she has to say about her journey.

This is Sabrina. A 21 year old, high performing medical student. She suffered from crippling anxiety and stress, as well as a lack of self-confidence and self-worth. This is what she had to say at the end of her last session on the love yourself love your life program with Angela

Morne was in his words “a broken man” when he first came to me. Anxiety, lack of self-worth, carrying the pain from a broken marriage, suffering from social anxiety and depression and a deep lack of self-love. Our work together was epic, and powerful, his testimonial is beautiful.

I want to honour Praniel. Working with this incredible you man was in inspiration. His enthusiasm to learn, his openness, and his willingness to work on his thinking, and let go of what wasn’t working for him, amounted to a beautiful experience for both of us. Parniel is a budding film maker, keep your eyes out for him, he is a man with wings.

Philani says Angela is a master at dealing with the mind. Working with her helped him overcome challenges of anger and anxiety, gain clarity of mind, self-confidence and heal his relationship.

Serious anger issues were ruining Thami’s relationships and her self-image. In this testimonial she talks about how a little insight, changed the way she responds, and got rid of her anger completely.

Bruce wants to change his experience of fear, anxiety and his relationship with himself, but like many people he found it really hard to believe that it would be easy to do, or that change was really possible. After all, he has been living his previous experience for 46 years, and tried “everything”. Our work together will take only 12 sessions (just 15 hours). Sounds impossible to change a life so quickly, BUT take look at what this skeptic had to say one week after his very first session.

Alessia talks about her life changing experience, working with Angela, from depression, suicidal feelings, not being able to cope, to being present happier then ever and growing success in her business. Alessia, well done girl, you are awesome!

Learning to love yourself is very beneficial to those who have bi-polar, it helps to navigate the ups and downs with so much more ease and grace. It has helped Miles with self-consciousness, anxiety, and the painful thoughts that go hand in hand with bi polar depression.

In a short space of time, Carols “life changed dramatically”, this is her story .

Nadine needed to learn to love herself. Her courage and determination and hard work has changed the life of this enchanting young woman in a very short space of time. 

Tyrone is an incredible young man, and it has been my privalage to work with him. The work changed his life. 

Disclaimer: It goes without saying that results vary, we are all individuals walking our own journey.