Coaching & Transformation Programs

Are you suffering? Anxiety, depression, lack of success, lack of self confidence, feeling bruised and battered by life, or your past. Let me take you on a journey to emotional freedom, happiness, confidence and help you love yourself and love your life

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How to I get people to transform so easily?

Sessions with me are really about distuption. The work we do together forces you to rethink aspects of your life that have been running on autopilot for years, possibly for all of your life. Which means that right from the very first session you will find yourself no longer accepting certain aspects of your current reality. The way you experience your relationships, your career, your goals, your spirit may all be forced to change, as you start to understand that many of the beliefs that dictate how you do life were never taken on by choice, butinstalled by default.

My programs are designed to disrupt the way you see the world and give you the tools to shift the world through cognitive changes in our mind and body. In short, they create an awakening. Once you wake up to these patterns you will never be able to un-see them again.

If you are looking to change something in your experience of life, you have only 2 choices: discomfort or insight, you can’t do it through apathy and inaction. It is time to step up and help make it happen.

I consider my time and yours precious. So I have structured several programs that will give you the greatest shift possible in the shortest amount of time. My personal genius, is the ability to take all that I have learned in the thousands of books I have read, talks and courses I have attended and the personal growth experiences of my own personal journey, and blend these truths with the use of 2 extraordinary modalities that massively impact the way your unconscious processes your life a very short space of time. The beauty of this system is that you don’t have to do all the work of gaining insight and learning to make use of it. I can reprogram those old dysfunctional beliefs for you very quickly and seamlessly.

Although all of our sessions are specifically geared to you and your particular needs, which means that we find out what is going on for you and work specifically with what you need to reach your desired outcomes, I do have a sense of the amount of time most people need with me for certain kinds of issues, and so I have put together a series of programs for those issues.

The love yourself love your life program for instance is 13 weeks, a time period that I have found is sufficient for most of my clients to get significant results. The Freedom from anger program is 3 weeks etc.
By creating a complete program for you, I know that we can get the changes you are looking for within the program, and by committing to the full program, you can get the best possible price, and know exactly what you are in for up front.

Love yourself, love your life
A full personal transformation program

Freedom from anger
Let go of anger forever, no need to develop anger management techniques

Own your genius
Discover your inherent genius, so that you can create a career that is fulfilling and successful.

Anxiety and depression
This program includes floatation therapy as well as neurological resets, as well as the personal transformation work in the love yourself, love your life program.

Mindfulness and meditation
This is beyond normal mindfulness, it is a deep dive into the very program you run on and how to use mindfulness and meditation techniques to master your own mind.

Relationship/ couples counselling

Success coaching

Life coaching