About Angela Hardy

It took me 20 years, I learned and researched everything and anything I could get my hands on to try to find my own personal transformation solution.
I wanted to be able to love myself,  and find peace, joy and freedom of mind. I wanted to be a better person, to get rid of anger, defensiveness, aggression, sensitivity to criticism. I wanted to feel worthy of love, and confident of my own personal worth in this world.
When I finally discovering the unexpected and remarkable secret of how it all works, and realized how simple it actually is to get there, my every experience was transformed.
Since then I have specialized in helping adults who suffer from the symptoms of a lack of self love like low confidence, anxiety or fear and depression, social anxiety, super sensitivity, and anger, so that they too can experience their own phenomenal capacity for freedom, happiness and contentment and unconditional love.
Who am I?
The other day my husband asked me what makes my heart sing. What a fabulous question!
I guess it is the things that make our hearts sing that make us interesting and fun to be around, because it is when we do those things, that we really light up and become our best selves for those around us to experience. So here it is
In my personal life: I am crazy about my sport (badminton of all things), I love swinging my fire poi, I love to cook, and eat, I love to learn new stuff, especially stuff that seems at first maddeningly mysterious.I love reading (normally trashy chick lit – embarrassing to admit) and I love being read to – listening to an audio book while multi-tasking on something else is pure pleasure for me, am also mad about non fiction audiobooks, especially science, psychology, behavior, behavioral therapies and personal transformation and development.I love spending time with my people, especially if we are doing something ( I am still trying to learn the art of being a human being rather than a human doing). I love crafts of all kinds. I love music, and love to dance, and sing, and I love, love, love my work, thank heavens, because I do quite a lot of it.
When it comes to my work, it is the work I do around self esteem, self worth, self love, self healing and 3 principles based mindfulness turns me on like a firecracker. When I talk about developing self esteem, and mind body healing, my eyes light up, I can’t sit still, and frankly you would be hard pressed to shut me up. This is why…
I have taken my own self esteem journey, and finally reached the point in my life where I can love myself unconditionally. It changed everything for me!  My happiness, ability to live present, connection with others, getting out of fear, experiencing daily joy, inner peace, acceptance of myself and others, I could go on…
Around self esteem: I believe that it is a fundamental human desire to be loved and accepted. We want to feel good enough. This desire unfulfilled or perceived as unfulfilled in childhood leaves us with low self esteem, a lack of self love and a lack of self acceptance.
An unfulfilled, longing to be loved and accepted is a massive driving force in so much of what we do, how we behave, what we strive for, but much more importantly, how we feel about ourselves. Not feeling loved and accepted in childhood, leads to a lifetime of feeling unlovable and unacceptable. The constant drive to be worthy, to be perfect, to be better, to be good enough, to prove again and again, leaves us feeling worn out, depressed, addicted, and unhappy.
I know from my own journey that there is a solution, and I know without a doubt learning to love yourself is the solution. I know for a fact, that when it that changes, everything in life changes with it.
As my friend Trinisha so aptly put it:

“You cannot blame yourself into happiness, judge yourself into contentment, criticize yourself into wholeness or punish yourself into fulfillment. Instead, you must love yourself into them.”-Scripts of my Soul
Sadly loving yourself, even feeling like you are good enough is easier said then done, when you come from a place of lack of acceptability, and love-ability. In order to do it, you have to identify and change a whole heap of underlying beliefs, sometimes some values around self love, and often do a whole lot of healing around experiences from your early years. Tough (perhaps impossible) to do alone. I have the skills to guide you in that healing, and walking that path with my clients fills my life with purpose, and meaning.
Around Mind-body healing: I believe that we designed to heal ourselves. While I do not discount the value of modern medicine for survival, I know that the body ultimately must heal itself, and to heal itself, I must have the resources in place that allow healing to happen.  I believe in taking responsibility for my own health, for my own mind, and for my own well being, and that taking responsibility, means sorting out my nervous system functioning, my emotional state, my nutrition, and my bodies response to stress, because I know that I cannot heal unless I am willing to look at and correct all of these aspects.
Even though I have been a great proponent of mind body healing of most of my life, it has only been since I started doing Kinesiology, that I have really found a way to unlock that system in a way that is sometimes quite mind blowing. Having the skills to help my with my clients who are ill or hurting physically or emotionally, is another great privilege and passion in my life.
My educational background includes a B.com from Wits, Diploma and advanced Diploma in Kinesiology. Along with numerous other trainings in personal development, I have Practitioner and Masters Training in Neuro linguistic programming, and am a Three Principles for Mindfulness Trainer.
Shew, that’s more than enough about me – tell me about you?

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