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About Angela Hardy

Angela Hardy shares her story

For as long as I can remember, even into my very early childhood I struggled with bad unlovable feelings. I was a moody, angry, defensive child, super sensitive to criticism, afraid to fail, and crazy self-protective. I was not well-liked by other children or adults, not surprising with that personality.

My 5 years older brother occasionally enjoyed bullying me and loved embarrassing me in front of his friends, especially as I started to get breasts and grow hair under my arms, it was mortifying. Life looked pretty scary to me, disaster or attack around every possible corner. I had to be prepared to defend myself.

My best method of defense was attack. I didn’t trust people and felt like I have to prove myself all the time.

In truth, on average I had a pretty good childhood, but I was badly shaped by the defining moments that taught me life was out to get me.

In my early 20s someone I worked with suggested I do a Personal Development Course. For the first time I had an insight that changed something about the way that I understood life, and I discovered it didn’t’ have to be this way. BUT even after that discovery I was a very long way and a whole lot of angst, work and years from understanding how to master feeling good about myself and my everyday life.

About Angela Hardy

Back then I still bought into the idea that to feel good about myself I had to become a better person, that the reason I felt unlovable was that I was fundamentally not a good enough human being, and to feel good about my life, and myself, I had to be super successful in every arena and prove myself to the whole world.

I was barking up the wrong tree.

Yes, all of the issues I was suffering with (anger, moodiness, feeling like I wasn’t enough, irritability, aggression, lack of worth) were definitely not serving me. These behaviors were damaging my relationships and my prospects.

But years and years of hard graft did very little to help me because it turns out that these were not the issues at all, but the symptomatic behaviors created by something deeper, something unseen and completely misunderstood. Yup, they were symptoms.

Like a headache. It is painful, and it definitely gets your attention, but there are 3000 reasons you could have a headache, and taking a painkiller is not fixing even one of them. Tomorrow it will be back, and the day after until you address the underlying cause.

About Angela Hardy

I chased the symptoms for years! And I blame the personal development industry, which kept selling me the myth that I could manifest riches and success if I just focused my thinking in the right direction and whipped myself into a proper amount of desire, or motivated myself in the correct way so that nothing could stand in my way and THEN, then I would be successful, and success = acceptable = lovable = feeling good inside.

Over my 20s and 30s, I learned everything I could about personal development and today I can look back and see that there were times that the truth was right there, below the surface, just waiting for me to properly get it, far more times when I was sold a bunch of bollocks about being richer and more successful, and many more times when I was sent wondering off in completely the wrong direction of trying to become something different.

And then, finally, a confluence of events changed everything I understood, everything I ever thought I had to do.

A chain reaction started up that completely revolutionized my understanding. Like a light turned on in a dark room, I could suddenly see the whole picture. For the first time, I discovered a teaching that could really show me the nature of the mind itself, how to properly work with it, how to get to the bottom of, and almost instantaneously transform the underlying issues, beliefs, and sabotage programs that were running the show.

Within a few years after that, everything about the way I understood and did life was completely different. Not only did I discover the true path to happiness, self-love, and a good feeling inside, but I had learned something so practical, that I could passionately and easily work with others to transform their lives too. And quickly!

Now I live with an open heart, and the symptoms that pointed to how stuck I was have disappeared without me having to wrestle with them.

I am able to tap into the good feeling, and I am able to love myself unconditionally. I live my day-to-day with very little stress, anxiety, or upset and it passes quickly when it does crop up. I very rarely get angry or self-defensive, and I’m no longer super sensitive to others’ judgment or criticism. Aggression, defensiveness, moodiness, and anger are all long gone.

I finally know what it is to be emotionally free, and it feels incredible.

Now that I live in a state that is more loving and accepting, it flows out into the world and people find it easy to love me and feel loved around me. Turns out that I didn’t have to become a better person, and I ended up being one anyway, when I came back to who I am, without all those symptoms playing out in my behaviors.

For the past decade, I’ve made use of everything I have learned to help other adults who have that not enough feeling, and have symptoms like mine and other ways of suffering like depression, anxiety, lack of motivation anger, lack of confidence and self-worth, social anxiety and more. This work does for them what it did for me, it quickly and easily changes their whole perception of themselves and life, and takes them to a place of unconditional self-love and emotional freedom.

If you are looking for a fun, compassionate, super-effective coach to help you to find your path, give me a call for a discovery session, where we can chat and discover how I can help you.