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What you want to know:

How does personal transformation or self esteem coaching work to change my life?
All of the work that we do together is about shifting the way that your brain works. Your brain is made up a  network of nerves talking to each other – you can think of it as a biological computer hard drive, with your life experiences to date being the programs you have loaded onto the hard drive. It is though these programs that you filter every current experience, and from comes then all your pre-programmed thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  As a personal transformation and self esteem coach, I know exactly what it takes to access and change your programs. New programs on your biological hard drive mean new thoughts, feelings and behaviours result. How exactly – well, we will make use of tried, measured and tested techniques from Neuro-science, phsyconuroimmunology, kinesiology, Science of learning, Neuro-limguistic programming, and techniques from the great personal transformation experts of our time. Do they work? yes!, will they work for you? Absolutely!

I am concerned that I will fail? Can you really help me?
Yes, and, in fact, it is pretty easy to do. As long as you are willing to open to a new possibility, and look in a new direction, change is easy, rather fun, and it is immediate. It doesn’t require work or practice, you don’t need to become better or more. I know that it feels risky and uncomfortable to abandon old beliefs that we think have kept us safe, and to embrace new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, I also know, that as soon as you can see how these old patterns have created your experience of “suffering” emotionally, you will no longer have any need or desire for them, and your life will change instantly. In fact, most of my clients experience changes in their life experience from the very first session together. If you are afraid that you won’t be able to do it, you should know that you are not alone, many of my clients start out with that fear, they have come to me exhausted from trying and trying to heal their lives, and afraid that they will never succeed, because they have spent years trying to heal the symptoms (lack of self worth, self love, a feeling of not being enough, stress behaviors that trash their lives) and found that, actually, change is simple, as long as you know where to look.

Let me give you an example: if you came to me with a sore hand, and told me that no amount of icing and anti-inflammatories have helped, and that this has been going on for years, and you have tried everything, and you are exhausted by all the trying to not have a sore hand, but nothing you do takes the pain away. You may, understandably, be afraid that there is no help to be had. If I told you to stop slamming your hand in the door, and that I noticed that you did that every 5 min, and you understood the reason your hand is sore, you would stop immediately and without difficulty. You would not have to practice or form a new habit, you would just stop! And the pain would go away. It is all about working from the cause, instead of the symptom. When we work from understanding and shifting the cause of a symptom like “a lack of self love” there  is no solution required, it changes instantly and easily.

How long will it take and how does it work?

We would start with a 3 hour intensive training, where you will learn all about how your mind works to create your experience. This 3 hours is the basis for ever thing that follows, and it will change your perception of how your life, your feelings, and your image of yourself works right away.

There after we meet once a week for an hour for the next 7-12 weeks, and work on specific belief systems, sabotage programs and occasionally if necessary, conditioning moments in your past. That will allow you to understand your experiences quite differently from how you understand them now, and as a result, generate a completely different view of yourself and your experience in the world.

Most of my clients do this 15 session course with me and find that is all that they need in order to learn to love themselves unconditionally.
I do like to keep in touch with my clients, and encourage them to keep in the conversation. To that end, when we are finished working together one-on-one, you are invited to join my master class group once a month to help you to keep you deepening your experience.

 How do I get started?

Info@cloud-nine.co.za is the best way of getting hold of me.

How do I book Angela for an event?
Angie does speaking engagements and facilitation and workshops/training. Simply email her at info@cloud-nine.co.za
It would be helpful if you send as much information as possible regarding dates and time and locations and the event itself and what you are looking to achieve with the event.

How can I work with Angela for myself or for my business?
Simple send her a mail and we can set up a free discovery session to meet each other, establish if you will work well together and find out how I can help you

Can Angela teach me to coach in the 3 principles
Yes, actually many of my clients love what they learn so much that they would like to go on to teach, coach with or make use of principles based coaching in some way. I do run a mentorship program wherein I teach you how to go about coaching with the principles, and mentor you through practical coaching sessions until you have sufficient experience and confidence to fly alone.

Is there another way to work with you if I can’t afford one on one sessions?
Yes, I have a few great online courses that are highly rated on Udemy, they are super cheap, and full have great content for you.

Check them out here 

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