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    Contact Angela Hardy Personal Transformation Coach to love yourself and love your life

    Ideally email me at
    32 Richmond Rd Craighall Park
    Or 0826718152 (I am working with clients so can’t always answer, you will need to leave a message.

    From Tue to Friday 10:00-6:00 pm and Saturday 9-13:30

    What you should know about working with me:

    • We will have fun. Working on your self  doesn’t have to be a drag
    • You will not be judged here – there is no need to imagine what I am thinking, be safe in the knowledge that I am thinking only of how I can help you out of your pain.
    • This is your journey – we will work at your pace
    • There is no possibility of failure, there are an infinite number of ways to break through to loving yourself, all you need is to be willing, and I will take care of the how.
    • Your sessions are completely confidential.
    • This is a safe place to cry  – in fact, I encourage a good cry, no need to be shy, definitely don’t apologize, it is a great way for the body to dump some old stuff, so you just go ahead, and I will hold the space for you.
    • We will spend a lot of time laughing, the shenanigans of the brain are hysterical when you can see them.
    • Don’t sweat, awareness and shift in our sessions will bring change naturally, I won’t overload you with homework, and you don’t have to Do anything. Your change in perspective will come easily and naturally.
    • I always work from the heart, and I am committed to doing my very best for you.

    Angela Hardy (B.Com; Adv. Dip Kin; NLP, 3 principles practitioner)

    It took me 20 years, I learned and researched everything and anything I could get my hands on to try to find my own personal transformation solution.

    I wanted to be able to love myself,  and find peace, joy and freedom of mind. I wanted to be a better person, to get rid of anger, defensiveness, aggression, sensitivity to criticism. I wanted to feel worthy of love, and confident or my own personal worth in this world.

    When I finally discovering the unexpected and remarkable secret of how it all works, and realized how simple it actually is to get there, and my every experience was transformed.

    Since then I have specialized in helping adults who suffer from the symptoms of a lack of self love like low confidence, anxiety or fear and depression, social anxiety and super sensitivity, and anger, so that they too can experience their own phenomenal capacity for freedom, happiness and contentment.

    I run my personal transformation practice , and teach various workshops  from the lovely Cloud 9 premises in Craighall Park Johannesburg

    Fill in the form to get started