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Online Courses in Personal Transformation

Are you ready to take control of your life and achieve your goals? These courses are designed to help you break through limiting beliefs, overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, and unlock your full potential. Whether you’re looking to stop suffering from anger, improve your career, relationships, or overall well-being, we have a course that can help.

Our online format allows you to learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of our popular courses:

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Free yourself from Anger forever:

 learn the secrets to never having to struggle with anger again, so that you can stop blowing up your own happiness and your relationships for once and for all.


Overcoming Self-Sabotage:

Learn how to identify and change hidden sabotages, that are keeping you from happiness, abundant wealth, great relationships, and success in all areas of your life.


Mind Mastery:

Unlocking Your Potential: Discover the power of your mind and learn how to master it so that it is working for you, not against you. Learn the art of Mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and improve overall well-being.


Relationship mastery:

discover that you have always needed to know to develop wonderful loving relationships and keep them that way.

Are you tired of feeling out of control when it comes to your anger?

Are you looking for an effective solution that goes beyond traditional anger management techniques?

Then this course is for you!

This course is designed to teach you practical tools and strategies for managing and understanding your anger in a holistic way.

We understand that anger is a complex emotion that can be caused by a variety of factors, and that simply suppressing it is not a long-term solution.

Angela will expertly guide you through a comprehensive program that includes:

  • A deep understanding on how you are creating anger through a miss-understanding of how your mind works.
  • Your anger has been serving a purpose the first step to letting it go is identifying that purpose.
  • Find out what triggers your anger, your rules, meanings you make and stories you tell yourself are the essence of why you keep falling into this trap
  • Learn how to develop emotional intelligence and self-awareness that will not only serve you in freeing you from anger, but set you up for emotional freedom for the rest of your life too.

Our course is offered in a supportive online format, and you’ll have access to our instructor for ongoing support and guidance.

Don’t let anger control your life any longer. Sign up for our Freedom from Anger Forever Course today and start taking steps towards a more peaceful and balanced life.

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Tell me, how does it feel in there?

If you are looking at mastering your mind I am guessing “not always so great” would be your answer.

Most people come to learning mindfulness for the promise of getting a nicer feeling. They want to feel calmer, be less stressed, more focused, more present in their lives. Here is the thing, a simple mindfulness practice can help  you with that, but a deeper understanding of how the mind actually works, how you create your emotional space, the actual mechanics of your mind and emotions and, how you generate them from the inside, is so much more powerful then just learning how to do the technique. That is what this course is about.

This is an infinitely practical course. Not only will learn about what mindfulness is, and techniques to go about making it a part of your life, but you will learn something much deeper, and more impactful about what mindfulness is actually pointing you to, the understanding of the mind itself, how it works and how to work with it. That understanding will transform you entire life.

When you understand the mind itself, the system that you rely on for your day to day experience, and how it works, then and only then will you have the power to work with it. Once you know how to work with it, you will find that day by day, awareness grows and life becomes simpler, and more fulfilling

 This course is best done in conjunction with the mind mastery course.

Enroll now to solidify your skill for an awesome relationship!

The longest running study on happiness conducted by Harvard over almost 80 years has conclusively proven that there that the single most powerful determinant of long term happiness is the quality of your relationships.

You would think it would be natural and easy to have a great romantic relationship, just find the right person and live the fairytale. And yet….

The truth is, relationships do take work, and though we all know that vague truth, nobody taught us what that work is or how to get good at it.

This course does exactly that.

Without that knowledge, we get into unnecessary conflict, we struggle to feel the love, we try to change each other, we can feel scared, lost, rejected and alone.

With this course you will learn how to communicate properly, and it is the opposite of what you would expect. How to listen, what to avoid and what to do to create an awesome happy relationship, but even more importantly than that it will teach you the most important ingredient of great relationships: self mastery.

So if you have found out that the fairy tale is not “all that!” and are ready to do what it takes to be awesome at relationships and by extension, happiness, this course if for you.


So you think you may be sabotaging your success?

When you have a dream, or want to achieve something but no matter how what you do to try to achieve something stops you from getting yourself, that is a pretty good sign that you are running a sabotage program.

Sabotage programs and the belief systems that underpin them are created so subtlety, starting from when we are very young, we often have no idea that we have them. As hidden as they are, they are dictating our thoughts and behaviors, so powerfully, that they run and sometimes ruin our lives.

Achieving success means stepping up to life and producing the goods, if you have sabotage programs that make that hard or even impossible for your to do, success may always elude you. Discovering and reprograming those beliefs and programs that  block you from accessing your full potential makes success possible, and far far easier to achieve.

When we remove these obstacles, the way we think, process our experiences and behave in the world changes immediately, that translates into more effortless success.

This course is designed to help you to do just that. It allows you to understand, and identify when you have a sabotage, helps you to find your sabotages with an easy methodology, and a list of possible sabotages to help to get you going, and teaches you an easy to achieve and incredibly effective, scientifically proven method of reprogramming those sabotages so that you can finally achieve the things you have been dreaming about.

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