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How to deal with anxiety and depression in young adults and teens

This is Sabrina. A 21 year old, high performing medical student. She suffered from crippling anxiety and stress, as well as a lack of self-confidence and self-worth. This is what she had to say at the end of her last session on the love yourself love your life program with Angela

Just yesterday another one of my friends told me that her teenage daughter is suffering from anxiety. She is seeing a psychologist and has been put onto anti-anxiety medication. They find that the medication helps, to some degree, but of course does not in any way solve the problem, and their kid remains anxious and depressed despite the drugs and therapy. 

What is really going on here, and what is the solution? 

Anxiety is caused by anxious thinking, and there is a lot of that going on. Worry about the future, fear of failure, fear of judgment, self judgement, performance anxiety etc. Seems pretty obvious right? 
But then why prescribe drugs? Good question.
Anxious thinking creates chemicals in the body which are taken up into the cells and experienced as the feeling of anxiety (part of the fight or flight response) This is a perfectly reasonable and natural response to poor quality thinking that seems very real and scary. 
The drugs are designed to interfere with this process. It’s like trying to put a kink in a hose coming from an open tap.
A better solution is to turn off the tap!

The solution lies in understanding the cause and addressing that:
All  anxiety is caused by our thinking whether unconscious or conscious. 
Thinking has 2 parts: 
Conscious thought – thought we you are aware of, can be changed into a very different landscape, by simply becoming aware the thinking you are doing and what it is doing to you, and learning the powerful skill of not buying into it.
Unconscious thought, dictated by unconscious sabotages and beliefs are much more sneaky, but with a little help they too can be uncovered and re-wired, remarkably easily.

If your teenager or young adult child is suffering form anxiety and/depression there are only 2 possibilities: 
Drugs to moderate but not cure, with their many side effects, possibly for the rest of their lives. You may be trying this already.
Or  regain mental health and happiness in a natural and healthy way  by understanding and mastering the mind, changing habitual thinking patterns and clearing sabotaging programs and belief systems that are keeping them cycling into anxiety and depression. Mental health for life.   

If you are looking for a compassionate, powerful guide to finding your own happiness, self worth or unconditional self-love, give me a call. 

What if life is just an experience, no more

What experience are you choosing right now, and are you loving it?

Relax like a boss

I hooked up with someone today who wrote this cool article all about mindfulness. If you are interested in mindfulness, here it is….

The Art Of Mindfulness: Why Mindfulness Matters

Putting down the sword, a story

Have you been holding on to ideas, should’s, personal image, beliefs or something else that, despite their positive intentions, somehow keep you stressed and grumpy, unhappy?

Cocktails and a tropical island

Are you in the “I just want 6 months off to do nothing but sip cocktails on a tropical island” state of mind?

How to do “less thinky, more happy”.

It’s true, less thinky more happy, but most people have absolutely no idea whatsoever how to do less thinky. In truth, thinking less is quite the art. A little understanding of how more thinky works, is really useful in understanding how to do less of it.

Less thinky more happy

It’s true, less thinky more happy, but most people have absolutely no idea whatsoever how to do less thinky. In truth, thinking less is quite the art. A little understanding of how more thinky works, is really useful in understanding how to do less of it.

Where has your head been?

We are all walking around in our own heads, we are making up our experience with our thoughts, and then believing that experience is true. Imagine what will change when you finally understand that our felt experience is just a thought created hallucination?

Say yes to weirdness

JP Sears delivers a charming, funny and enlightening TED talk on being ourselves, and the understanding on why we find it hard.

Making water kefir

Making water Kefir insert for the Real Health Show on DSTV. Learn how to make water Kefir, and buy your kefir here.

Resolution to love myself: Getting Zen

There are loads of reasons to meditate, this is why I do it, and the reason I recommend it to my clients.

Resolution to love myself : Seriously?!

We are making up our felt experience of every day by the way we think about it. If that is true, perhaps we don’t need to be taking our thoughts so very seriously.

Resolution to love myself: He is what he is

Our unmet expectation in relationships are a source of pain and discomfort. Wouldn’t it be great if they would just….. Haha, that never going to happen! So what now?

Resolution to love myself: Puppy training

When we recognize that everyone wants to feel loveable, acceptable and good about themselves, we can change the way we communicate about the things we want, the way we ask and reward people with determine how they are willing to do things for us next time we ask

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Bonfire of thoughts

100% of our felt experience is created in our own thoughts. This is how we do it.


We try to control everything around us because we believe that it will allow us to feel stress free, safe and happy, but the very act of trying to control the uncontrollable is a trap we set for ourselves, that makes us feel stressed, unsafe and unhappy.

If you have worked with the 3 principles before, but are battling with HOW to “do nothing” to return to well being, this one if for you – let Bob the monkey show you how.